The Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association Offers to pay Pinnacle Race Course’s Water Bill, But told by Pinnacle Sorry Not Enough.

HURON TWP.: Horse group offers to pay track’s water bill; season might not be completed

Where and when does all this insanity stop?

MTOBA just got through paying Ransom to the Michigan Gaming Control Board to continue Racing at Pinnacle, even though Horse Racing has generated over $5.5 Million Dollars. The Horsemen/Women cannot touch a dime of this money. But Governor Granholm’s spokes woman Liz Boyd lies through her teeth saying Michigan is subsiding $10 Million for Horse Racing in the State.

Lisa Campbell stood  in front of the HBPA Board and Horsemen/Women at July’s General Membership meeting and stated quite a contradiction in words. In essence we as in Pinnacle’s Owners, Jerry and Lisa Campbell. WE ARE BROKE. I’m only given a certain amount for my Stable, I have to take my help home with me to also work on the farm. I’m stressed to the max, exhausted, worried, broke broke broke….

Then went on to say she has Bred 29 Mares?

You are broke but you’ve bred 29 Mares? The HBPA members are funding the 2010 meet solely with their purse money, but you’ve bred 29 Mares? The MGCB just extorted almost $40,000 from MTOBA to continue to keep the 2010 Racing Meet Alive, but you’ve bred 29 Mares? Now you want more money from the Horsemen/Women to pay your Water Bill….. But You’ve Bred 29 Mares? You’ve told the HBPA go take a flying leap with their more then generous offer, because it’s not enough… But you’ve Bred 29 Mares?

Which will bring on 29 FOALS. You have no money to pay your bills, so everyone else is paying them but you keep on Breeding. Pinnacle may never see another Racing Meet again with this Insane State trying to Butcher what is left of Thoroughbred Racing here. But YOUR PRIORITY WAS BREEDING 29 MARES.

Huron Township will keep the water running with what the HBPA has offered. But YOU WANT MORE.

For more of Pinnacle’s Bills or the ones you’ve created at your Farm?

What about these Horsemen & Women’s Bills? They have Farms too, but I doubt they bred 29 of their Mares. With what they’ve given Pinnacle this year, they’re lucky if they can buy food for themselves after feeding their Horses. But Boo Hoo for Campbell. Somebody should of handed her a handkerchief at that July Meeting, not to dry her tears but to stuff into her mouth so nobody had to listen to anymore of her bullshit.

But some big mouth silenced everyone so she could speak, and they sat there like too scared to say anything tots listening to you. Well I say ENOUGH.

You wait until the MGCB gets their ransom holding Thoroughbred Racing Hostage, then you spring on the HBPA with this news. They are turning the Water off come Sept. 15th so you ( the HBPA ) have to pay it. And as scrapped as they are already they OFFER to pay it and then some to help you with these other so-called bills. And you throw it back in their faces and say NOT ENOUGH?

Well to Huron Township I say, Please don’t deprive the Horses of Pinnacle Water or it’s Stable area workers. If more hell raising would of took place at the July meeting instead of certain people trying to play suck up. Maybe this nightmare of the Horsemen/Women wouldn’t be continuing.

Bad enough fighting the State of Michigan that is full of Bull. But unfortunately to their own fault the Horsemen/Women are fighting Pinnacle’s Owner as well.

At some point a stand must be taken no matter how hard it is. HBPA have already given their money for a cause. To keep Racing. I posed a question why not take some of that money for some pay back for yourselves. But the Horsemen/Women have a history of NOT Uniting and Standing together on anything.


Thus we have what we have. Bastards taking advantage of us, and us LETTING THEM. With our Permission and Blessings. Trying so hard to stay alive with so many attempting to kill us off including a fellow Horsemen who built the track.

By God. Enough. Once and for all Stand Up for YOURSELVES. Stand up as ONE fighting against your enemies whom ever they may be. State, County, City, Township or Race Track Owners.

For once give sympathy where it is due. To YOURSELVES. Lord knows you DESERVE IT.

But do you really know that? Do you honestly know you deserve it. You’ve worked and paid for the right to be the BOSS. Not Michigan, not the Governor, Not Pinnacle. BUT YOU.

The Fight must be in Unison, for once make a Stand instead of caving in. Because these people are venomous. They aren’t caring about you or your own bills. They’ll lie and tell you any kind of bull and because you are in a desperate situation. They pounce on you even harder. It’s enough to break anybodies spirit. But it’s a lot easier if you all stand as ONE. Unified and fighting THEM instead of each other as History goes.

Horse People are a mighty force. If they can handle a 1,200 lb Horse. Michigan and Pinnacle ain’t nothing.

Time to FIGHT for you. Time to show your Heart, Soul and Pride. Time to stop making it easier for others to dump all over you. No one can beat you down but YOU.

Screw Michigan and Screw Pinnacle. For once tell Michigan WE GENERATED THE MONEY, NOW GIVE US OUR DUE AND STOP LYING. And to the Campbell’s. Tell them to pay their own damn bills. BREED LESS MARES until we know we have someplace here to keep Racing them. Or did they build a Race Track to just race their own horses?

The Horsemen think too much. Stop Thinking and just ACT and you’ll be just fine.

And yet for some who read this they still won’t understand what’s being said. It’s easier said then done, they’ll think and say.

NO it’s easier done then said. The risk of the action is worth taking.


Time to stop being the Whipping Post.

How Befitting the Lyrics.

I’ve been run down
I’ve been lied to
And I don’t know why … I let that mean woman make me a fool
She took all my money … wrecked my new car
Now she’s with one of my good time buddies … they’re drinkin’ in some cross town bar
Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel … like I’ve been tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Good Lord I feel like I’m dyin’

My friends tell me … that I’ve been such a fool
And I have to stand by and take it baby … all for lovin’ you
I drown myself in sorrow … as I look at what you’ve done
But nothin’ seems to change … the bad times stay the same … and I can’t run
Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel … like I’ve been tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Good Lord I feel like I’m dyin’

Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel … like I’ve been tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Tied to the whippin’ post
Good Lord I feel like I’m dyin’

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