New York has “pulled itself out of a pile of manure and fallen into a pot of gold”. Video lottery terminals at Aqueduct Racetrack Receive Full Legislative Approval.

The first sentence of this article says it all. Yet for some Horse Breeders in the State, they say a little too late.      

 Aqueduct VLTs Receive Full Legislative Approval      

Aqueduct Casino Gets Green Light


By Tom Precious     

Updated: Thursday, August 12, 2010 8:12 AM
Posted: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 6:14 PM     

After nine years of on-again, off-again movement, the Aqueduct casino project now seems all but certain to be a done deal.     

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, as expected, has given his approval to Genting New York’s bid, the final of three sign-offs needed in order for the state to now move ahead and sign a memorandum of understanding with the company.      

Sisa Moyo, a spokeswoman for Silver, said the Democratic leader informed Gov. David Paterson of his approval on Aug. 11, a day after Democrats in control of the Senate backed the Genting bid. The development plan for Aqueduct needed the unanimous backing of both legislative leaders and Paterson, who has already signaled his support for Genting.      

The final approvals were expected after Genting became the sole bidder standing in what was the fourth process in the past nine years to try to get a casino opened at Aqueduct. Genting offered the state $380 million in an upfront franchise fee payment — $80 million more than the floor set by the Paterson administration’s lottery division, which handled the bidding process.      

Genting has said it can get 1,600 of the 4,500 slot machines up and running within six months of signing an MOU, which is expected in the days or weeks ahead. The remaining slots would be operating six months after that. Genting, which is a subsidiary of a Malaysian-based casino company, has signaled an interest in a larger casino facility on the site in the years ahead – which is subject to state approval.      

The Aqueduct casino was first approved about a month after the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York; state officials saw the racetrack-based casinos as cash generators for the government. While other racinos popped up across the state in the years since, Aqueduct’s facility became stalled due to a host of political and financial factors. The latest round won by Genting is the fourth bidding process during three different gubernatorial administrations.      

For the New York Racing Association, the Genting selection represents a potential way out of its annual cash flow mess, which this year led to threats of having to shut down racing operations before another state cash bailout in the form of a loan.      

Charles Hayward, the president of the NYRA, was upbeat after witnessing past Aqueduct casino bids fall apart.      

“We are thrilled with the rapid approval of Genting USA plan by the Senate and the Assembly. NYRA is looking forward to working with Genting and the state to make VLTs at Aqueduct a reality,” Hayward said.

For state officials, the Genting bid represents an immediate flow of cash of $380 million to be used to hopefully help keep the state’s precarious finances balanced.      

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, chairman of the Assembly’s racing committee, on Aug. 10 said he believed Silver would back the Genting bid. Pretlow called the Genting plan an important development to help rescue the state’s troubled horse racing industry.      


Michigan could pull itself out of a pile of manure and fall into a pot of gold as well, but they are not smart enough.


Here they Extort money from the Horsemen and try to kill them off. It is Insane and as far as I’m concerned the Horsemen accept it.    

You can Fight Together or Cry Together. It’s your choice.  

Not only are the Michigan Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women fighting the State, but Pinnacle Race Course Owner Jerry Campbell. At the July General Membership meeting, people sat there like mute zombies too afraid to speak. After one question was raised, Why No Promotion of your business? A loud voice came from a fool, Are we here to just let anybody come in here and raise some hell or are we here to talk about Horsemen’s Business? 

Funny considering the Horsmen were funding the meet 100%, I would of thought it was talking Horsemen’s Business to gain an answer to the question. In July the Crying was as contradictory as the Governor.


OH, OK that explains alot.

Idiot’s one and all. Your silence then has came back to haunt you now. Like you need anymore haunting. 

Pinnacle: We can’t pay the water bill. The Horsemen will have to pay it by Sept. 15th.

OH, OK. They just got held up by the MGCB, well why not by Pinnacle too? Hey? Of Course, they will help you. And Pinnacle said not enough. You know what, the Bouncer in July should of shut his mouth and let the question be answered instead of playing suck up. Allowing the insanity to flow we are broke but Breeding away!!! 

And you know what will be at the Sept. 25 General Membership meeting. More too scared to open their mouth Zombies. Reminds me of a Rolling Stones song: Sympathy for the devil.  

But July’s Bouncer kicked in a Generous amount to the Pac Fund. Well pat, pat on the back to him. 

I would still like to know how the Track Owner is too broke to fund the meet, or to pay the water bill. But has the money to keep Breeding? Breeding for what may I ask. The Horsemen just funded your entire 2010 meet. Now you are asking them to pay the Water Bill. MTOBA just paid the Ransom to the MGCB. 

Your Race Track is going down the Drain and not going to be in Business much longer. 

But Hell Bells people Remember, Sunday September 19,2010 is Legislative Day at Pinnacle!

Local State Representative Deb Kennedy is hosting a day at Pinnacle Race Course Sunday September 19,2010 @ 1pm. Luncheon will be served – MINUS A DRINK OF WATER

Bring your state representative and enjoy a day at Pinnacle Race Course!!! They may not be open anymore by then? But??? 

Still not ready to fight yet? 

Well Fighting and raising some hell brings a lot more Respect and far better Results. But you have to be willing to take a stand.   

Sometimes it’s harder to NOT GIVE IN. And if anybody needs the sympathy it’s the Horsemen, because they are truly the broke ones yet they keep on willing to give. I wonder how many Mares they’ve all Bred?

We know Michigan has done this to us. But enough is enough, From Michigan and Pinnacle. 

Can Michigan Tracks Simulcast Thoroughbreds if there isn’t a meet? Considering there’s only a Tax on Simulcasting? 

Back in July people, Back in July. You still don’t get it do you?
You have never stuck together, ever. That is your real problem.

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” 

– Ayn Rand

Take a Hint, People.


Hey, everybody won’t you lend me your ear,
There’s something to fear, it’s here, and that’s clear.
Men gettin’ rich off rapin’ the land,
I can’t understand, why we don’t take them in hand.     

Woah, oh … Lord, I don’t want to be their fool no more.
I don’t want to be their fool no more.
Open eyes, but you’re sleepin’,
You best wake up ‘fore tomorrow comes creepin’ in.
‘Fore tomorrow comes creepin’ in.   

Feel that our lives are in the hands of fools,
Loosin’ their cool, it’s us that they rule.
Too many people sittin’ dead on their ass,
They ain’t got no class, people, this time must pass.    

Woah, oh … Lord, I don’t want to be their fool no more.
Hey … I don’t want to be their fool no more.
Open eyes, but you’re sleepin’,
You best wake up ‘fore tomorrow comes creepin’ in.
‘Fore tomorrow comes creepin’ in.  

Woah, oh … yeah, tomorrow comes creepin’.     

Oh … hear me cryin’ ’cause the people like me,
That long to be free, are not actually.
Please everybody won’t you hear this song,
Help a country that’s wrong, to someday be strong.    

Woah, oh … Lord, I don’t want to be their fool no more.
No! Lord, I don’t want to be their fool no more.
Open eyes, but you’re sleepin’,
You best wake up ‘fore tomorrow comes creepin’.  

Creepin’ …
Creepin’ …
Creepin’ …    

Creepin’ …
Creepin’ …
Creepin’ …
Creepin’ …
Creepin’ …
Creepin’ .     

Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.
Tomorrow comes creepin’.  


Lord, I don’t want to be their fool no more.  

Thanks to Derek for the N.Y. Update      


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