18 Horses left Starving to Death and Owner TICKETED?

Enraged is the only word to describe this horror story. But what infuriates me even more is that Animal Control visited this farm several times over a month ago. One horse was so emaciated it couldn’t be even saved.




So after literally waiting they finally seized these poor Horses. Waited for WHAT? I have no tolerance for cruelty to any animal. My God, we all just heard and read about 27 horses perishing in a fire at barns adjacent to Charles Town, W. Va. Race Track. Heart wrenching enough. But now this. A farm in Rose Township, Mi. whose owner had no intention what so ever in feeding these horses. How in the F’ can somebody sleep at night knowing there are Animals slowly and painfully Starving to Death. And you OWN THEM.

I can’t think right now, all I see is fury and what I’d like to do to the Woman and her boyfriend that just sat there on a daily basis and did nothing. Death would be too good for them. Somebody needs to lock them up some where and deprive them of food and water and let them slowly die as well. Nothing that any Judge will do will be enough, but the thing is this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last time this will happen. Floyd White did the same to his Race Horses in in the Winter of 90/91 or 91/92 on his farm then in Orion Township. He lived in Detroit, and he left his horses on a farm he owned and just never went there AT ALL. ALL WINTER. No water, obviously being Winter no grass to even graze or anything else. He just left them there knowing they were starving to death. Horses were found DEAD, and others were near death. NOTHING happened to this man, absolutely nothing. He cried they’re picking on me because I’m Black.

Yeah that’s right Floyd, it wasn’t the fact that two of your horses were found dead and the rest in bad as shape as these horses in Rose Township, Mi. like Skeletons.  It was the color of your skin, hey Bud? Whatever happened to that case, Floyd White was still allowed to own Horses. He now has a farm in Hillsdale, Michigan and Races at Pinnacle Race Course. But in the early 90s Channel 7 and Newspapers here also did the same type of story involving him. Well he’s still in the business. He did no jail time, i’m not even certain he was fined.

God knows how many Horses right now are going through the same with savages not even human owning them and letting the same happen to them at other Farms. But the reality of it is these people get slapped on the wrist if that. Jail isn’t even justice. But leaving them locked up somewhere being deprived of water and food just like what they’ve done to these poor Horses or any animal would be the only thing appropriate for these pieces of shit.

And on one more note. Something happened to a Horse I took care of but was sold in Dec. of 1999 to a man who actually had bred her Momma down in Fl. She had one foal, a colt and was put in the sales in Fl. in foal again. A Michigan Stable bought her. When she gave birth to her second foal, a filly she was sent to what was explained to me, a NOTABLE BREEDING FARM down State ( Michigan ) to be bred. And was also left to Starve with her foal next to her for over 7 weeks. Seems the NOTABLE BREEDING FARM put her in a paddock with another Client Mare who kept her from eating. But all this went unnoticed by the Idiot NOTABLE  BREEDING FARM OWNER and help. Starving on a daily basis for 7 weeks? After I was told of this Horror Story, I didn’t sleep for weeks. I was told this by the Owner of this horse, but she wouldn’t tell who the Farm Was.

Naked Nobility suffered a horrific fate. A horse I loved and adored. I inquired about her in Sept. of 2009. Had I knew what I was about to be told I wouldn’t had inquired. This is a story that is too much in depth to go into, but let it be known I will never forget the details. Nor will I ever stop digging for what ” NOTABLE BREEDING FARM ” was responsible for Naked Nobility’s Death. I can only imagine what this poor animal went through with her small foal aside her. Not eating one grain of anything, no water, no hay for 7 weeks. The owner said she was heart broken, yet she did nothing. She filed no complaint with anybody about what occurred at that farm. She just took Naked Nobility home for a month and tried to nurse her back to health. Jesus, I would of rushed her to Mi. State Equine Immediately. Naked Nobility was taken finally to State and with her too far gone was euthanized as she was screaming for her foal, who was being pulled away in the van. The foal survived only to die from Potomac the summer after.

I was told when they got to this farm, Naked was unrecognizable. When I would of got done with the Notable Breeding Farm owner who didn’t notice the starvation of this Horse and foal ( understand the foal was being fed be weaning ) they would of been unrecognizable. And this Breeding Farm in Down State Michigan that I don’t know for 100% certainty who it is, 99.9% certain just not 100%. IS STILL IN BUSINESS. This Horse was weaning her Foal yet Starving to Death. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PAIN, PANIC  AND SUFFERING THAT THIS HORSE WENT THROUGH?

Maybe somebody who will read this will be able to tell me 100% who this NOTABLE BREEDING FARM THAT DIDN’T NOTICE, a Beautiful Gentle Horse slowly dying. Because if on a daily basis for 7 straight weeks when Water, Hay and Grain were given, they never once noticed another grown Horse and her foal being kept from that water and food. THEN THEY NEEDED TO BE OUT OF THE BUSINESS,  THEN. I inquired about this Horse in 2009. But she was sold in the Fl. sales about 2002 or 3. I’m just wondering how many more horses starved to death or suffered some other fate at this Down State Notable Mi.  Breeding Farm.

Hearing this story on the news of these horses in Rose Township, Michigan stirred up this nightmare again for me.

Animal Control should of seized these Horses the first time they went to this Farm. They are just as responsible for the Death of 1 horse and letting the continued starvation of the rest.

These innocent Horses and all Animals are as Helpless as a Human Baby. You don’t feed or take care of them, they suffer and die.They feel the same feelings as we do. Pain, Joy, Suffering, Panic, Fear, Happiness and Sadness.


IT’S CALLED RESPONSIBILITY. What in the hell is wrong with people? How can they sleep at night? What kind of Heartless Souls do they possess?

People that do these kinds of things to Animals MUST BE PUNISHED.

And if I’ve stirred up some trouble at Pinnacle or with MTOBA. GOOD.



And BTW: Naked Nobility was a Beautiful Dappled out Grey Mare. Seeing the picture of this Horse brought all this back again. Sadness, just plain heart aching sadness.

If you own Horses and you cannot afford any longer to FEED THEM. Call for help. Call the same News Stations now reporting this tragedy. Call the Newspapers. Call SOMEBODY. To just say you fell on hard times and couldn’t feed them is BULL. Your Heartless and have no Soul. And you get no sympathy from me. SOMEBODY WOULD OF CAME TO YOUR AID TO FEED THEM IF YOU WOULD OF JUST MADE THE EFFORT TO YELL HELP. MY HORSES ARE STARVING.




18 Horses not 13


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2 responses to “18 Horses left Starving to Death and Owner TICKETED?

  1. Just stumbled on your blog when I googled DRC and was astonished to see Floyd White mentioned. I grew up in Detroit, one of my best friends groomed at DRC, but I live out in Hillsdale now and we’re still dealing with Floyd. One of his horses got out and was hit by a car not long ago. It never ends

  2. He should have never been allowed to ever own them again after what he did in early 90s. POS. I blame the law.

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