I thought maybe a funeral march was in order in the back round for this blog, considering the Huron Township article is talking about our so-called FATE. Envisioning Jerry Campbell singing this not of a woman but Pinnacle.

HURON TWP: Questions surface regarding fate of Pinnacle Race Course (with videos)

Is this a Clerical Error or an Ingenious move? One good thing that really could come out of all this is Detroit Casino’s, Hazel Park Raceway and Northville Downs get SCREWED! I LOVE IT!

Let’s see Detroit loves to say the word LAWSUIT, if it’s them doing the suing. But in the last 5 years. Detroit has loss most of Lawsuits brought on by other people suing them. ME WANT UM CASINO, ME NO WANT YOU TO HAVE UM CASINO.

And Bernard Hartman, Herbert Tyner and Dan Adkins who tried to screw the Thoroughbred Horsemen by playing we want to make nice and join with you this fight on SAVING LIVE RACING. Which is funny since Dan Adkins Pooped in the toilet Petition didn’t contain one provision for anything concerning live racing or the Live people involved with Racing. Neither Thoroughbreds or Harness. Well all I can say is, this is now all one big mess. And it will be more than an interesting outcome.

Look the HBPA have been slamming their heads into concrete trying to get Campbell to tell them anything straight up. So good luck to Huron Township. I still say Ed Boike is doing a War Path for all the wrong reasons.

That 320 acres would of still been there EMPTY, with no plans  at all for it’s development. And Elke Doom who is speaking in these Video’s at least acknowledged that Pinnacle fell apart to no fault of their own. Governor Granholm holds the Title for this Dooms Day report on Pinnacle. Like I’ve stated in other Blogs this Governor is so Demented the Industry that generates Millions for Michigan, She wants to destroy. Crazy Lady.

Now Jerry Campbell never received a Tax Bill for 2008-2009 to pay. That is Huron Townships fault. The HORSEMEN/WOMEN HBPA IS FUNDING THE 2010 MEET SOLELY. The money is coming out of their PURSES. Even though we have Generated Millions out of our 3.5% Tax Simulcast $ that we can’t touch a dime of. So Campbell didn’t want to pay the water bill, well he didn’t want to pay for the meet either. Told the HBPA $900,000.00 UP FRONT or No Meet.

What ever happens with all this insanity one things for sure. It will be the HORSEMEN & WOMEN who get that red hot poker up their ass. We will be the ones hurting as always. No matter what we do to try to rectify and solve our problems whether it’s working 7 days a week struggling to maintain a meet to run at. Paying through our noses for that privilege, by time Huron Township, Jerry Campbell, The Indians, Boike, Hazel Park, Detroit Casino’s and who ever else is stirring this  pot of mess. We already know it will be the Horse Owners, Trainers, Exercise Riders, Grooms, Vets, Hot Walkers, Starting gate crew, Valets and any other workers who maintain the track surface or work in the stable area that will suffer. 14 years of this Madness now and not one thing has changed for the Horsemen. Stress, Stress and More Stress. Worrying and Wondering WHAT NEXT?

The land Pinnacle was built on was worth SQUAT. All of a sudden. INDIANS………. OH MY. That land was worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Do us a favor and give all this nonsense a break. Let’s have us an old fashion Pow Wow. We’ll get a big Tee-Pee bring a Peace Pipe and Iron out all the problems, back taxes when Huron Township decides exactly what they are. Water bills, Light Bills. The HBPA can attend, Horsemen and Women can attend, Citizens surrounding Pinnacle can attend. Detroit Casino Lawyers, Harness Track Goons. We’ll all stand in a big long line like a scene from the comedy ” Airplane! ” with weapons of our choice to beat Campbell with. One after the other. OK.


We get to do the same to Ed Boike, Dan Adkins, Hartman, Tyner, MGM, Motor City, Greek Town and Huron Township. Sounds fair to me. Because all of these people are full of CRAP-OLA. Somebody got their feathers ruffled when Jerry Campbell sold whether it’s just a parcel of land, or if it turns out to be ALL the land to an Indian Tribe. And then the realization set in. OH, OH. SOVEREIGN LAND.

That would precipitate Proposal 1 ( wouldn’t need a vote by voters to build a Casino ), would not need anymore Petitions to over turn Proposal 1. Detroit would not have any say so on what could be built on this land. And the Harness tracks could only watch and sob, WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THAT. And I’ll tell you why. Because Hartman, Tyner, Carlo, and Karoub don’t have  BRAINS to have thought of it. They would want it ALL. They wouldn’t of wanted to share what could be all theirs. But Jerry Campbell ( and I’m giving him the benefit of a doubt ) had wider Vision. After all what could we do. With our insane Governor that likes to Flush Money down the toilet. OUR MONEY we can’t touch. What else could Campbell have thought of?

But I guarantee it wasn’t how to screw Huron Township. It was HOW DO WE SURVIVE the State’s decision to AX the ORC and place us under the MGCB and them cutting our days to zilch. Jerry Campbell isn’t a fool. The man was President of Republic, is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of CNBS Financial Group, Inc., a bank holding company of HomeBanc N.A., headquartered in Tampa, Florida. He is a Business Man. With the Indians comes certain commodities and gratuities I’m sure.

A Thoroughbred Race Track was built in the middle of no where. Campbell took a chance then the National Financial Crisis hit. Wall Street went bust and Comerica told Campbell well ah… Sorry but we’re pulling out. Granholm said well ah…. I’m dissolving the Office of Racing Commissioner and putting you under Gaming. MGCB said well ah……. We’re cutting your days to 3. And Jerry Campbell said well ah……. I’m selling the land to who originally owned ALL OF THE LAND IN AMERICA IN THE FIRST PLACE,


And why not a Casino on Pinnacle Land? In the end the Property will be built up the way it was planned. We will have a State of the Art Race Track that will accommodate both Thoroughbred and Harness. A Dirt and Turf Course. A Casino near by, like in Yards. Huron Township and New Boston will thrive, Michigan will love even more of the money we Generate. Granholm will be gone, hopefully into a straight jacket and mental hospital.

And we will have Lived Happily Ever After. NOW BACK TO REALITY……… Is this Land Deal that Complicated?

Oh By The Way. The Indians owned all the HORSES in the land once upon a time as well.

The music goes round and round and round Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.

Stay Tuned for As Pinnacle Turns…. Can  the Horsemen catch a break here.

One Day Michigan will say,

And he made us a lot of money. But instead of being grateful, we shot him dead.

Call this a Race Track Parody if you will. But understand there isn’t one thing even remotely funny about any of this. This is DRC all over again. For once think of who really got stabbed in the heart when DRC went down. Those that worked 7 days a week from the first week in Feb. when they Stable area opened for Training. Until the first week of Dec. when the meet finished and the horses left for the winter. Only in 1999 there wasn’t a DRC to come back too. Haven’t the Horsemen/Women been through enough?

For once understand whose getting this blade. It’s not the State, City, County or in this case Township. It is us. The Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women of this State. We’ve always made you money. If allowed we can make you even more.

Let the Tradition Continue.

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