OH BABY, Lets Ruuuuuuuuuuuumba! Song of the Day ~ Dean Martin ~ Sway.

Sway was released in 1954.

This is just a sexy number period. And only Dino Crocetti could sing it like this.

I could of posted a 100 songs by this Handsome Man. I adored Dean Martin throughout life. When little I lived on the east side of Detroit ( All us Italians did ), and there were two songs I played and listened to over and over and over again. My favorite Aunt ( Anna/Annie ) gave them to me.

An Evening in Roma & Professor, Professor ( sung mostly in Italian ). And at 4 years old I knew them by heart and in perfect Italian. The reality is both of these songs now can bring on tears just listening to them. The Memories from them will forever live in my heart. For where I heard them first and the Moments from that East Side House. And Man did I get beat up a lot on Thursday Evenings. Dean Martin came on at 10:00pm on Channel 4 ( NBC in Detroit ), and when I was coming up in the 60s there was a pacific time you had better been in bed. But every Thursday night, I’d try to sneak around the corner to watch Dino. Sometimes I got caught and sometimes I didn’t. And sometimes they knew I was sneaking and left me alone.

But Sway is not only in my opinion the perfect song to Rumba too. But it also brings on laughing so hard I pee my pants. The most comedic scene in Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthus’s ” Out to Sea ” or any other movie for that matter, was Matthau dancing with Rue McClanahan in this movie to this song. The character he played didn’t know how to dance. And I don’t care how many times I’ve seen this movie. When it comes to this part, I’m on the floor rolling. It was that hilarious.

( actually sung in the movie by Brent Spiner’s for his character Gil ). 

Lemmon: OH WE’RE GOING TO Ruuuuuuuuuuuumba!

He’s Demented! LMAO

But such a Fabulous Song by Dean Martin.



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