I am just plain FED UP with these friggin HYPOCRITES.

Does anyone seem to take any notice at all on this mostly Republican/Conservative crowd and what they are proclaiming?

We have the most contradicting people in this world fighting, screaming, arguing, ranting with their totally screwed up analogy’s that could only come from the most of CONSTIPATED MINDS.

The ” RIGHT TO LIFE ” Issue or Argument.

Where these crazies will fight tooth and nail to make you see things their way. WE MUST PROTECT THE UNBORN! And the right to BE BORN. But the very same people who believe this with all of their so-called Hearts and their tiniest of Brains also are the very same people FIGHTING HEALTH CARE REFORM.

Mike Cox who Lost Michigan Gubernatorial race ad screamed while my opponent was doing this or that I WAS FIGHTING OBAMA CARE. HUH? But he also screamed I AM PRO LIFE. Well how can this be possible?

Let me get the facts straight here and figure these kinds of people out. They care about a 6 week old fetus, not having experienced life yet. But the RIGHT TO LIFE nuts don’t mind already alive people who have been that way for some time DIE, because they’re sick but without Health Insurance. The same Hypocrites that believe the unborn have a right to life, also believe that the alive and sick should be able to end up in caskets at funeral parlors, then be put into the grave. And there are endless amounts of the people doing exactly that. And these aren’t people who don’t work or have never worked, on the contrary. Most uninsured adults in this country are people who have JOBS. Some are employed at two jobs.

But between paying their House Payments, Utility Payments, Insurance on homes, cars, putting food on their family’s tables. Gas in their vehicles to get them back and forth to those jobs. Paying for just the things in life that are not even connected to something you can define as casual moments of life considered as entertainment. But things necessary to your person. Toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, female monthly happenings, laundry and dish soap. Things detrimental to sustain some sort of normalcy in life. And when all said and done with there’s not a thin dime left to pay for any type of sickness let alone a catastrophic illness that only insurance could cover. No people we are not talking about the Welfare Rats, who have never worked a day in their whole sad pathetic existence, nor do they ever plan to. You see these types of people have lived on the Welfare rolls for decades. In fact the State is all too happy to accommodate these types of folks.

Shit, the lazier and low life you are the more the Government gladly stamps their forms. ACCEPTED!

And now we have the entire Middle East coming here getting instantaneous WELFARE. I’m fed up with standing behind these people in the super markets here as well. They can’t even speak English, and they don’t just have one basket filled beyond the brim. They have two and three then OUT COMES THE FOOD STAMP CARD. It’s more than infuriating. And if they have Food Stamps, it means they have MEDICAID. They can see a doctor but I was born at 14th and W. Grand Blvd. in Detroit, Mi. in 1957 but I can’t. My grandparents came to this country from Italy in 1909 to seek work, and they did. And did it until they died. Not anymore, now people are calling back home hey come to U.S.A. they give you Free Rent, Utilities, Food, Health Care, whatever. This madness needs to STOP.

For Welfare Recipients: You should have to be an American Citizen for a minimum of 10 years. There should be MANDATORY DRUG TESTING for anyone wanting anything from the Welfare system. Don’t like it TOUGH. Then don’t apply. And in order to use the Food Stamps, NO MORE JUNK FOOD CAN BE PURCHASED. 4 Basic food groups period otherwise Starve. And the stores that violate the rules, fine and jail them.

Only ones getting denied for help are those who do work, or in many cases people whose jobs went down and shortly there after became to ill to work. Got any money in a bank account: SORRY CAN’T HELP YOU.

They welcome LIARS. No job, no money, no bank account, nothing, nil, zilch, destitute. My Momma or Daddy takes care of me and pays for me. The Government and every State in this country of ours rewards those that have NO SELF ESTEEM. So they don’t mind telling the world HEY I’M A LOSER, HELP ME.

It’s a lot more difficult for those who have worked for years throughout life to ask for any type of assistance. When their job got bulldozed to the ground, then they got so sick they couldn’t any longer work. And the money they worked so hard for they just can’t yank from the bank and bury it somewhere nor should they have to. But just the fact that they have it disqualifies them from any kind of help from anywhere or anybody. Conservative Fox Noise Pundits love to rant, I DON’T WANT MY MONEY GOING TO SOME LAZY FREELOADER WHO DOESN’T WORK.

You stupid son of a bitches, your money, my money and every other working persons dollars have supported these Lazy Freeloaders throughout TIME. That isn’t something that’s going to be new here. It’s something that’s been going on for far too long.

So your not punishing those who don’t and refuse work. Your punishing those THAT DO WORK. But their jobs do not provide or offer health insurance. Mine never did. I paid for my own Blue Cross/Blue Shield ALL the years I was employed at my job. And still paid for it a year after the job went down. Then was forced to let it go. Of course the inevitable happened. I got sick, really really sick. And now live with multiple horrendous conditions all at once.

Now I’m not broke by any means, but what I do have would be a spit in the bucket for just one of the problems. I’ve got money in the bank I worked damn hard for, but I’m no millionaire.  So like Millions of people in this country, I suffer with such discomfort and agony with these conditions. Pain beyond belief, Worry beyond belief an existence beyond belief. That 90% of the time the pain is so great I go without sleep. With not one damn thing that can be done about it.

They talk about PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. Now what exactly is a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION? Something that has already been diagnosed by a doctor, or agony you’ve just had to live with but no diagnosis was made because a Doctor wouldn’t see you without $$$ and Insurance? Right now Millions of people hearts are palpitating out of control, sometimes with such force the PAIN just about makes your eyes pop out. And you sit or stand there just waiting and wondering will the next one be the one that drops you to the ground dead. In fact RUNS of palpitations, over and over. The things I’ve suffered with over the course of more than a decade have gotten so bad. One creates a domino affect throughout the body. One upsetting and causing further uproar to another. Sometimes settling down and healing or correcting one condition can cease another condition that the first aggravated all together. But when it goes on and on and on, who knows what ticking time bomb is ready to cause your demise. Which leads us right back to the Blogs Title.

The Religious so-called Hypocrite crowd that loves to rant and rave, ” RIGHT TO LIFE, ” RIGHT TO LIFE” !

And I pose an honest question, WHOSE?

These deranged sick twisted souls can actually look you straight in the eye all while proclaiming any and everyone who doesn’t share their exact views on what they’re conceiving to be RIGHT TO LIFE. And in doing so telling you if you don’t agree with them, then YOU ARE A MURDERER!!!


You fight for a fetus not having been born yet to experience life as we know it. But at the very same time FIGHT AN INDIVIDUALS RIGHT TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE. So they can keep living too. Because in reality they’ve been alive for some time now. And they know at some point if they don’t get seen very very soon for not just one worrisome medical problem but several. They know they are GOING TO DIE.

Yet the RIGHT TO LIFE CROWD will fight to their deaths to make sure that these people do in fact DIE.

Now who exactly is the MURDERER here?

I’m a Democrat that does not believe in late term abortion, But I am PRO-CHOICE, I don’t believe in WELFARE unless you are in fact literally completely sick physically or emotionally. I’ve worked all my life, ( from ages 19-44 ) 7 days a week. Both healthy and beyond sick.

The majority of people in this country have never ever stated they want health care for free. I certainly never have. In 1999 I paid for a Basic Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy. $279.00 every TWO months. It paid for no office visits and no prescriptions. It had a $250.00 deductible and paid for 100% In-Patient Hospital coverage. Today BC/BS wants in excess of $800.00 A MONTH, with $1,500.00 deductibles, co-pays and only pays 70% IN-PATIENT Hospital coverage. REALITY: INSANE

Don’t Work, Never Worked, Don’t ever plan to work, just got here from Middle East: YOU GET MEDICAID. YOU CAN BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR, HOSPITALS, GET TESTS.

They’ll diagnose what is growing in your sinus cavities disabling you to breathe or sleep because for 11 years straight you choke on constant 24/7 drainage coughing yourself half to death day in and night out. They’ll diagnose why your Heart is palpitating with excruciating pain constantly, they’ll run tests and tell you why your feet are NUMB but yet HURT all at the same time.  Feet and ankles swollen twice their normal size. They’ll run a MRI and tell you why your back, hip and rest  your of bones are riddled with excruciating non stop pain.

But if you worked 7 days a week for 25 years and have something to show for it. They’ll tell you to GO F’ YOURSELF. Not eligible for help from anywhere. GO DIE. And sooner or later that is exactly what you will do.

And the Radical Religious Conservatives will still scream after they have helped put you into the ground, RIGHT TO LIFE!

Do us a favor and save some of that ” RIGHT TO LIFE ” for the rest of us that are already ALIVE. We have a RIGHT TO CONTINUE TO EXIST as well.

Everyone of us supports people on Welfare. All I want to be able to do is again purchase an affordable Blue Cross/Shield policy that actually pays for something. I cannot afford $800 a month with $1,500 deductibles and co-pays that also only pays for 70% of a hospital bill. You and I can buy a bottle of aspirin from a store and pay $3.00 for a bottle off a 100. Hospitals charge $20.00 a pill. More Insanity that needs to be STOPPED.

I want nothing for free. I just want what was actually promised by Senator Kerry during his election, and what has been stated by the present health care reform. The Right to Buy into the same Health Coverage that the SENATE GETS. Because if they get a boil on their ass somebody hospitalizes them for a week. But for the rest of us. People are having Open Heart Surgery than being released the same damn day, only to go home and have a sudden complication that kills them because in essence they should have never been released to begin with for at least a week. These days even if you do have Insurance you can end up as dead as those of us that don’t.  Only they wouldn’t have even seen us to diagnose the heart problem much less operate on us.

Face it, this country is messed up. We help those that have done nothing with their lives, and punish those that have. And the ” RIGHT TO LIFE ” argument is the most demented and deranged of the Sickest and Twisted Minds.


MURDERER’S!!!! They Shout…

Next Time look into the Mirror when your Screaming that,  because the only MURDERER you’ll see in it,  is YOU.

Because all in the same breath you rant  Right To Life, you’re in essence also ranting let the already living Die.

And it is so damn contradictory it is more than appalling. And can only be defined as Insanity at it’s finest.

Can you spell HYPOCRITE and define HYPOCRISY?

What a sad and pathetic joke.


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