SONG OF THE DAY. The Dovells ~ You Can’t Sit Down.

Released in 1963. Group consisted of  Arnie Silver, Mark Gordesky, Len Borisoff, Jim Mealey (alias Danny Brooks) William Shunkwiler and Jerry Sirlin ( Summers ).

In 1957 in Philly, ‘The Brooktones’ were born. The members were Arnie Silver, Mark Gordesky, Len Borisoff, Jerry Gross, Mike Freda ( Dennis )  and Jim Mealey (alias Danny Brooks). Summers and Dennis left the Brooktones’. Enter Shunkwiler and The Dovells were born. The groups first hit was Bristol Stomp in 1961.
I was 6 years old when Can’t Sit Down was released and loved it. WKNR Keener 13 ( WKMH first )  and CKLW blasted out of our little Transistor Radio’s. LOL
We watched the Teens dance to this song on the street corners, and us little kids tried to follow. Ahhh those were the days. Jukeboxes and those table top players at Diner tables. In those days kids gathered to Dance and have a good time. Now days they would probably pull out AK 47s and shoot the place up if somebody could dance better than them. Another sad example of how times have changed.
When Bristol Stomp came out in 1961 sounding more like a Black Group, their first large venue was The Fox Theater in Downtown Detroit. Playing on the same bill as Ray Charles and Fabian. Then played Washington’s Howard Theater and New York’s Apollo Theater. We were a lucky generation. For us Music didn’t have a color, Thank God and if it did WE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!
After all we were ” Motown ” kids. And to us NO GROUPS were like OURS in Detroit. But back then every city across America had there own sound and Groups. And ALL OF IT WAS SHOWCASED. Thanks to Allen Freed, American Bandstand, Shindig, Hullabaloo and our own Robin Seymour Swingin’ Time.  Face it the 60s were a Happier Time.
The Barriers came down, we made them come down. And the Common denominator of all of it was ” MUSIC “.


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