Song of the Day: Gypsy Woman ~ The Impressions.

Released in 1961. Written by Curtis Mayfield.

Sam Gooden, Arthur Brooks, Richard Brooks, Curtis Mayfield & Fred Cash made up the Group at the time of Gypsy Woman was recorded. The group was founded as ” The Roosters ” in 1957  by Sam Gooden, Arthur Brooks & Richard Brooks. They added Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield to the group to form “Jerry Butler & the Impressions”.  When Jerry Butler left for a solo career after 1958. Curtis Mayfield became the Lead vocalist.  And then the group became just The Impressions.

” Gypsy Woman ” was always my Favorite from this Group. After another two successful singles, Richard and Arthur Brooks left the group and other musicians were added. In the following years, ” It’s All right ”  became the Impressions signature song along with “People Get Ready and Keep on Pushing. But for me Gypsy Woman was The Impressions finest piece of work from the earlier Group.

Brian Hyland also had success recording his version of the song in 1970. But nothing compared to the Original.

The Impressions made this song Magical with the harmonizing contained within the song. And it defined that particular period of time that stands still and never leaves you. Another fine taste of what Real Music was all  about, unlike the garbage of today. If these kids could only stop swearing long enough in what they call songs. Maybe they would realize what real talent is all about.

Unfortunately we’ve come along way from I’m Black and I’m Proud, to Rap where the signature sound is one obscenity after another.

But for this moment you’ll hear the Magic of 1961.

From nowhere through a caravan
Around the campfire light
A lovely woman in motion
With hair as dark as night
Her eyes were like that of a cat in the dark
That hypnotized me with love

She was a gypsy woman,
She was a gypsy woman

She danced around and round to a guitar melody
From the fire her face was all aglow
How she enchanted me
Oh, how I’d like to hold her near
And kiss and forever whisper in her ear

I love you, gypsy woman
I love you, gypsy woman

All through the caravan
She was dancing with all the men
Waiting for the rising sun
Everyone was having fun
I hate to see the lady go
Knowing she’ll never know
That I love her, I love her

She was a gypsy woman
A gypsy woman, a gypsy woman, a gypsy woman

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