Rachel Alexandra Deserves and has Earned Retirement. Persistently upsets Rachel Alexandra in the Personal Ensign.

” A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves-strong, powerful, beautiful-and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence “. 
Pam brown  

God knows she earned her keep for life after the Preakness in 2009. With now a record of 13-5 will her owners finally let her live out the rest of her days in green Pastures to relax?


In a statement, Jess Jackson, co-owner of Rachel Alexandra, said: “We are disappointed in the result.    

Be disappointed in yourself Sir. What else do you want from this Horse of the year?        

Purse Money not counting Today: US$ 3,446,730      

The loss was Rachel Alexandra’s third in five starts this year.        


Superman was a Character not a real life man. And Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta are not Super Horses uncapable of losing. How much money does either Owners of Rachel & Zenyatta want?        

Quoted after Zenyetta Breeders Cup Classic win her Owners said they want to Play Around with her and have some fun. I didn’t know these animals were Toys.        

Rachel Alexandra doesn’t owe any explanations. She is what she is. A Race Horse. A Vibrant, Living warm blooded animal who has both Raced, Performed and Earned her keep for the duration of her life as Zenyatta has. But something tells me both owners won’t stop until something tragic happens. Then the Playing will have stopped, but with it the Horses life.        

What does anyone expect from these Beautiful courageous animals that give you their Run and their Spirit from their Heart and their Souls. Enough already, before you break them down and ask them to give you their lives as well. It’s not fair. You’ve had your fun, you’ve earned more than anybody could ask from a Horse.        

Now Retire Them and Let them be. To live out the rest of their lives as Happy and Fulfilled as the Dreams they made come true for you.        

There are those who want to see some Race Off between these two Horses. In their opinion it would show who was the ultimate best. And to them I would say it wouldn’t prove a thing. Because on any given day a Victory is just what it is. The Detroit Red Wings won the Presidents cup 1994–95, 1995–96, 2001–02, 2003–04, 2005–06, 2007–08. But the only years from this award did they go on to win the Stanley Cup 2001–02, 2007–08.  Yet the years they also won the Cup  1996-97, 1997–98,  did not gain them the Presidents award.  Now the one year they won the Presidents Award but were knocked out of the first round. Did the Best team win? On the nights they won they were. But our record showed the Wings were by far the better team. Nevertheless Winning the Presidents Award did not guarantee the Stanley Cup, nor did not winning the Presidents Award mean we couldn’t win the Cup.   

And it would be no different nor would it prove a thing with these two Champions running in the same race. Because who ever won the race would only mean one thing, they were the best for that day. And if your really a lover of the sport of Horse Racing. You would already know this fact. The ones who want to see this race off occur are not really fans of the Sport nor the Competition. They’re just hungry blood thirsty idiots who want to see two great Horses battle it all out just for the fun of their own senseless pleasure, even if it meant the horses running until their legs break off. The outcome of the race wouldn’t prove anything at all.   

Both Rachele Alexandra  and Zenyaytta are Champions in their own Respect. Neither have anything to prove to anyone, and should be allowed to go out what they are. True Champions in the History of  Horse Racings  finest moments.                      

I don’t want to see or hear another Eight Belle’s story. I want to see a Horse still living, running free in a Pasture to Graze and enjoy the Life they have more than earned. These are not unbreakable Toys. They are Horses and they Breathe, Hurt, Bleed, Enjoy, Live and Die just like us. They gave you your Wins, they gave you your Moments.        

Now you have a Heart and let them live out the rest of their lives Happy. Show them the Love and Respect they’ve given to you through their HEART.      

Feb. 2006 as a baby.        


As a Champion.        


My horses are my friends, not my slaves “. -Reiner Klimke       

 This is now where she belongs.         


A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes; he looks at his horse with his heart.        


And I hope Undefeated 18-0 Zenyatta Retires with Her.        

The only place I’d like to see these horses running together is on a farm with 300 acres in which to run free. They’d probably become best of buddies.   

A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose into the open.        

 — Gerald Raferty        

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One response to “Rachel Alexandra Deserves and has Earned Retirement. Persistently upsets Rachel Alexandra in the Personal Ensign.

  1. Longshot

    Undefeated two-year-old Kantharos retired.
    Owned by same Owners of Rachele Alexandra.
    Jess Jackson’s Stonestreet Stable

    He needs to retire Rachele while she is still sound without any fractures.

    Jess Jackson stating he hopes Kantharos is going to be OK. That’s the problem. Hoping and what will end actually up happening to this horse is the difference.


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