August 29, 2010 Yearling Sale Results    

13 Sold for $51,600 Average Price $3969, Median $2000, 41% RN


Reflects a very sad state of affairs here in Michigan with Thoroughbred Horse Racing. But even more sadder is why people had to drive all the way up to Michigan State, when Pinnacle Race Course could of easily handled this very small sale of 25 Hips in their Paddock. They could of had a Bar-B-Que under the tent and invited those from the Media, also giving us a chance and opportunity to talk about what has happened to our Industry here and Why. And what Vision is needed to improve and correct the situation.  

At The Detroit Race Course we had this annual yearly sale in the far west corner of the Parking lot. When there were 4 and 5 times that amount of Horses. But Pinnacle couldn’t of handled this sale of 25? 

Afterwards those who came in for the sale could of got a bite to eat and stayed and enjoyed a day of Racing. To cancel a day of Racing when Pinnacle only races two days a week on the weekend seemed senseless. Understandable if many many horses. But 25? Plenty of time to have the sale then Race @ 3:30pm.  

Vision starts from With-In. Something that seems to be lacking in all directions these days. Only ones seeming to be giving the most are the HBPA. A little help from Pinnacle would be nice. Most of all our State of Michigan needs to step up to the plate.

This We Can’t, We Don’t, We Won’t has to stop from everyone if this Industry is to not just survive but continue and succeed here in Michigan. I’m trying to find some positives here but I’m not getting much help. So much to do with so very little effort from too many.  And we are running out of time for it.

Michigan needs Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Let the Tradition Continue.


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