JULY MORNING …. Released in 1971 from the album ~ Look at yourself

If there’s any young kids today thinking they want to or can sing. I suggest instead of looking to Today’s so called Rock~n~Roll singers who i can’t tell one from the other since they all have the same almost identical sound. That singing through the nasal canal sound. Take a look back about 41 years.

Uriah Heep was born in 1969. David Byron was Heep’s singer from 69-75.

This particular Era of Music produced many of mesmerizing singers with amazing vocal chords.

A few come to mind immediately,

Mark Stein from Vanilla Fudge – You keep me hanging on

Eddie Brigati from the Young Rascals – How can I be sure

Mark Farner from Grand Funk Railroad – Mean Mistreater and EVERYTHING ELSE

Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night – Easy to be hard

Ian Gillan from Deep Purple – Sweet Child in time

But the songs I have listed from these artists of  just this one group, is just a mere sample showcasing their vocal talent from what was many singers that came out of that era. Look for that Vibrato. One element of the pipes that set the standard of what a singer is all about. And Robert Plant isn’t even in my top 30. Plant was trying to mimic Steve Marriot who was a power house all by himself. You can check out that blog under Music ~ Humble Pie

But today the Focus and song is of Uriah Heep’s David Byron. I saw this band in 1974 at Cobo Arena in Detroit. They were fabulous. Many songs came of of that band. And most all phenomenal.

To the Rock~n~Rollers of today. Sit back and enjoy a real set of pipes who could sing and give you an Idea of whose standard to follow. Because for the last 25 years, I haven’t heard even remotely a singer from the Era I came from. Some how the standard got much much lowered. Do just a little research and you will be digging for more. Maybe some day soon, we’ll be able to hear again what is actual singing, instead of screaming, rapping and singing that sounds like the singers nasal cavities are blocked.

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