Odell Johnson’s Novel ” Use What You Got ” The Madness behind Personal Protection Orders.

”  For many, immaturity is an ideal, not a defect “.  Mason Cooley   

I found this Intriguing Piece written by a man named Odell Johnson.   


A novel entitled   ” USE WHAT YOU GOT “  .     


Stating on this author novels home page:   


The people and the events in this book have been changed to   

protect the innocent, and that any similarities to actual persons,   

either living or dead, are merely coincidental.   


And too, here is a separate issue, People that read this novel and   

offer their unsolicited comments, some choose to be or remain   

 anonymous-where some change their names to protect   

themselves, however, any similarities to actual persons, either   

living or dead, are merely coincidental.   


 When one sits down to write, it is for a purpose. This novel is at no time offering legal or any advice of any kind.  It is offered for purposes of reader edification and for purposes of awareness.  This horror story had to be told.  The story is compelling because it bring to the reader’s attention,  flaws in our legal system that penalize the innocent and not damn the guilty.  This book will assist many in the future, because lawmakers will become cognizance of the flaws surrounding established guidelines of law enforcement.  The novel also points to the area of the rights of innocents being falsely charged.  This novel touches an area of law the legal community has only whispered about and not yet addressed in a meaningful way, and that being;  Restraining Orders need to be obtained only through an attorney, to minimize the harm that the crazies and the mentally disturbed can and do inflict upon some innocent people.    

 The law surrounding Personal Protection Orders and Restraining Orders and how they are obtained by citizens is  the question.  The situation is out of control. Anyone, from the most intellectual down to the most primitive and naive can get a  restraining order, by their own initiative, some of whom the area of common sense has eluded.  Common sense is common, and in America we are all common, but apparently not all have common sense.  Unfortunately, these people who obtain personal protection orders or restraining orders without  the orders being substantiated or investigated, which is the crux of the matter.  An attorney need to be involved, and hired to execute seeking a PPO or a RO.  With these people who are seeking such an order of protection, if they had to go through an attorney, they would at least, will have established a prima facie case for the court’s awareness, which would on its face and in and of itself, establish some kind of legitimacy to a claim, in other words, an attorney will not take a case unless it has merits.  The point being made is that the loose cannons that is obtaining these Personal Protection Orders (PPO) and/or Restraining Orders (RO)  must be corralled.          

This novel points out how dangerous it is to turn loose a loose cannon or having a loose cannon running around. When a person is ignorant or demonstrates they are ignorant and does not know they are ignorant, but think they are astute and cream of the crop, with no background to support the logic of such reasoning, it is time for legislators to re-visit the law associated with Restraining Orders and Perjury.  A loose cannon (Delilah) was turned loose on Paul in this “must read” novel.   Delilah need to be institutionalized.          

That is an understatment.

The loose cannons in our society are a serious danger to our well citizens. The Sacred Text points out, we need a physician to make the sick well again.  Corrections to and  possibly amending present law or even enforcement of what is in place can make an impact on lying under oath and the easy accessibility to the court with frivolous lawsuits, defrauding the courts and making malicious false statements.  The loose cannons takes advantage of our legal system.         

Paul feels that there are many others that share or have shared his predicament, of being hurt by a person seeking revenge, but has not complained or come forth. And that may be, because some meet with great difficulty reducing to writing, thoughts and thought patterns.  Writing is not an easy process.  Writing is an art, a learned process. For those that are not trained in writing, it is very hard to reduce to writing, their thoughts, which is understandable because writing skills are developed over a long period of time, and requires much time and an extensive vocabulary.  And that is one of the main reasons many do not tackle this or similar problems and much goes unreported.  And another factor in this same equation of why so much goes unreported and no complaints made are; few there are, that be brave or courageous enough to come forth  and confront the situation or the loose cannons.  Delilah is a loose cannon.  Fortunately, Paul did not and does not fall into that category, Paul is quite and humble in nature, but confronts and is combative when his rights are challenged.          

Writing, as pointed out is or may be a challenge for many, which may or can be the reason many of these situations are not challenged.  Still, it has to be pointed out, that one need to know the merits of their situation, before taking out a PPO or RO.  Allow me to uncover the the candle with the bushel basket over it, and we can all profit from enlightenment.  Remember, let us stay in context, and make the difficult simple.  For one to tests the merits of whether one should seek or obtain a PPO or RO, one may want to first go to the  (1)Police or the police come to the injured party  and the party files a (2) Police Report of the alleged incident that, e.g. (for example) someone allegedly sexually harass another…The police then, turn the matter over to the (3) Detectives and the detectives do their investigation(s) and if the detectives find during their investigation that the case has merits (deserves to be heard as a result of their findings) then the detectives present the case to the (4) Prosecutor, who will make the determination of whether the case can withstand the scrutiny of a Jury of one’s peers.  If the Prosecutor feels the case cannot withstand the scrutiny of the court, then the prosecutor informs the detectives and/or the Police that the case (PPO) does not have merit.  That simple, if the prosecutor does not go forward with the case (PPO) then the case has no merits, and is lost without using and abusing the Court system by the likes of the Delilahs/loose cannons, if you please.  Now, it should be clear, why Delilah PPO should have never been part of the justice system.  Elected Officials need to review this atrocity and make the needed corrections.  We, the people may want to point out this novel to their Elected officials.  The legislature make Laws and the police enforce laws.  That should be clear.           

Our  legislators, elected officials local, state-wide and national, all  should soon revisit the laws of Restraining Orders, because it is outrageous when anyone that has not a clue of the legal ramifications of their acts and the impact of their acts, and how their acts will affect another and as such,  act with no regards for the welfare of others; is allowed to just walk in of the streets and obtain a order of protection, without fully appreciating the ramification of their acts  with sense and those with little sense, can obtain a restraining order. Then, there is something wrong with that legal approach. Unfortunately if one does not have money to hire an attorney and counsel,  then, the affected person being charged, will in most cases have their character and reputation  destroyed.  In the Town that Paul lives, the situation is so sad, one can be walking Downtown and come to the Town Hall building and take the elevators to the basement and go down the hall, to a room where two ladies  (secretaries) sit.  They are mostly munching or having coffee or pop (liquids) and after some many minutes has passed one of them will say, are you here to file a PPO, and you say, yes.   You are then told to go to the desk over there and get a set of documents and fill out where indicated.  depending on how swift (intelligent) you are, this procedure will take up to one hour (because of the writing format and the intended or implied legalese).    When one has completed filling out the the document the clerk will then it and then send you to the third floor (always up) where  you will pay a $35.00 fee, stand in line and will be assigned a Case number, and a judge to hear the case, and put on the Court Docket for a date for the Court trial.          

Now isn’t that a bunch of hogwash and the most ridiculous thing you may have heard.  The individual has no idea of what is transpiring, not a clue to all the preparation that will have to made for a court hearing; has no idea of cross examination, she is to face;  no idea of what is permissible or non permissible to enter into evidence in a court setting and knows nothing about exhibits and what exhibits are for.  Now, that is the situation Paul was in with this loose cannon and un-knowledgeable person, Delilah.  Delilah’s Court paper work indicated she did complete Grade School.  That is a sad commentary.  It is no wonder the Judge looked at Delilah (in Paul’s opinion) with disgust and a waste of time.  When Paul seen Delilah in court, Paul thought of Delilah as one of the field people from the 1930’s farm, tobacco, and cotton lands of  Mississippi,  Tennessee, or Georgia.  This is not a put down.  Paul is telling you just how it was and how unprepared and frighten the deer (doe) was that had lost her way in the woods and is now in the city and is startled and frightened out of her wits.  As Paul observed Delilah in Court, he wondered to himself, how was it that this woman was able to buy a home in the area he lived in…          

Just imagine, a loose cannon in obtaining an order of protection against you and in so doing, defames you (defamation of character), both libel and slander you and for this to occur, there had to be some degree of malicious aforethought to first lie on you and later lie under oath (and mind you now, suffer no penalties of being fined and/or imprisoned for the infraction), then one has to conclude and wonder, why the apathy of the legal minds, there is or must be something wrong with the legal mind.            

In this novel, USE WHAT YOU GOT, Paul fights through his attorneys,  this loose cannon  (Delilah) who demonstrates no regards for truth and what truth stands for.  Paul would not have survived this ordeal if he had not used the tools afforded him as you will discover as you read this novel. One will need an attorney to be able to fight loose cannons, liars, and perjurers. And to obtain an attorney one will need money.  Fortunately, Paul was a thrifty person and was taught at an early age to set aside funds, especially the “rainy day” fund, for purposes anticipated and not anticipated. Further explanation is in order for you to get the sense of this presentation, and is necessary.          

This novel is about a notorious Liar, who lies under oath, committing perjury to obtain a Personal Protection Order, (Restraining Order)  committing defamation of character, slander, libel, by a woman named Delilah with an agenda of hatred, bent on destroying an innocent man named Paul.  Contained within the covers of this novel is information that matter.         

Slander and libel constitutes defamation of Character. Slander and libel can and may reek havoc with your reputation.  And if you have to go to court to repair your reputation, you will need Counsel and/or an attorney and documentation. Documentation is of the essence. You will want to document daily, if possible, that when  time or events change adversely, you will have a point of reference, because you had documented when thing were going good. Document what people say or think, and the statement should be followed by a signature.         

The main idea is, to make sure that someone other than yourself know of the character of the person defaming you. Be sure to get affidavits from friends and acquaintances, as there may be a need to demonstrate to the court the inconsistencies of the accuser. One may be wise to keep the anticipated witnesses local to the immediate area, as it is imperative to keep matters contained;  extending the area of concern beyond local, may more than not, hinder your cause and efforts (where the pail is dropped, is where you get your witnesses, and the reasoning hopefully is obvious).  And you will be able to demonstrate that it was a terrible shock to discover your being slandered; and now people do not treat you the same anymore and now you have to explain the cause of slander to business and social contacts.  And despite the fact that the restraining order was ultimately libel, there were considerable embarrassment from your having to detail events to the community and business associates since you first disputed the restraining order.         

Use What You Got, is a powerful novel about a man name Paul who was a community leader/activist, whose concern was neighborhood betterment. Paul is a man of religious persuasion and is a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. Then one day Paul’s world came crushing down on him. He received a certified letter in the U.S. Mail. The certified letter contained a Restraining Order. The restraining order greatly impacted Paul’s movement and activities. Paul, the community activist was now with a Restraining order out against him, is now viewed as part of the criminal element.  Delilah is an angry, angry, angry woman. She went to the court  to obtain the restraining order against Paul.  Delilah received the order ex parte. Ex parte will be explained further into the novel.         

Delilah, before the court and under oath and the penalty of perjury before her, lied and perjured herself, knowing fully well the lies she told to the court were not investigated or supported and clearly unsubstantiated.         

Delilah accused Paul of stalking and sexually harassing her. Nothing was further from the truth. Delilah and Paul lives on the same street in the same block, a couple of doors from each other.         

This novel, Use What You Got, is certain to raise a goodly amount of controversy among the general public, because it will raise some prominent is         

-that restraining orders are too easy to get.         

-malice and aforethought         

-perjury, lying under oath and its consequences         

-revision and restructuring methods for obtaining restraining orders         

-the loser to pay all court cost and attorney fees and pay the stenographer’s fees         

-the poor, who does not have the money, to fight trumped up charges by crazies         

-the production of frivolous lawsuits.         

This novel entitled, Use What You Got, may force legislators on all levels to revisit, reexamine and rethink their judgment concerning restraining law and how the laws work and the consequences of false reporting, and false reporting includes a slew of issues such as; Lying, and lying under oath, premeditation(malice and aforethought) malicious reporting.         

Use What You Got demonstrates the methods that Paul used to fight this angry woman Delilah, to regain his good name and reputation which was of the utmost importance, and in the process of so doing will take you back to events that brought us to the point  of the restraining order, all of which is background material for the reader to see the full context of  the story and watch the story develop.         

A restraining order is issued to a person the court believes to be in imminent danger of being physically harmed or even possibly death. And based upon that belief, the court granted Delilah the restraining order.  Restraining orders are mostly handed out to wives, husbands, lovers, live-in lovers, friends, relatives, who are in a position to affect such… Paul was none of these to Delilah. “”” Paul did not socialize with her “””, he only knew her as a person that lived on the same street that he lived on and in the same block. Paul had never been in Delilah’s yard or porch or inside of her home. Paul had never been on a date with Delilah, never shopped with her, never went to church with her, never has known the kind of work she does or where she worked, or the hours she worked and he did not have conversation with her and has never been in her car. Paul did not know Delilah other than someone living in the neighborhood.         

As it now stands, a person can walk in of the street and go to the court and obtain a restraining order on anybody at will and the court accepts it, no investigation or nothing, other than that person’s word. The Couran agenda and obtain a restraining order and destroy a person life, and faces no imprisonment for the crime and penalty of perjury. That is the problem, the culprit, even when proven wrong, this person gets away totally without any kind of punishment. t is too lax, in my opinion. This is a serious matter, where a crazy one can walk in of the street, at will, with or without         

Had not Paul had the money or resources to fight Delilah, his good name and reputation would had forever been destroyed. What a sad commentary.       

Use What You Got deplores the readers to collect all their resources at their disposal, whatever they be, or may be, to fight like or similar situations they may at some future time face. This novel is an eye opener.         


WEEP WITH PAUL …as you witness the lies and perjury of Delilah   




stalking and sexual harassment, became a testimony for Christianity. Genesis 39th Chapter   


Delilah, demonstrating the fact that Paul’s actions was making a difference in the community.   

… that Paul bounced back from the detriment caused by … whom the devil accused of  … that he will ever remain in the Good Graces of God…at his recovery from the egregious actions of Delilah   

This novel would not be necessary, if the Judge would had carried out the mandate before him, to fine or imprison a perjurer (to deter future acts of same), who lies under oath to the court, which is proof positive that how Restraining Orders be obtained, need to be revisited by our legislators.  (It is true, sometimes bad things just happen to good people like Paul, and Paul had to get over the bad things that was happening to him, including the anger within him and move on), not easy but attainable.         

Make no mistake, Restraining Orders are too easy to obtain, no evidentiary proofs are required for issuances other than the word  of the person seeking the Restraining Order.  That is the injury. As it now stands, it is at the discretion of the Judge to enforce the law in place, to fine and/or imprisoned the perjurer telling lies under oath. And the author of this novel speaks to this important issue of law enforcement, that the perjurer pay the price of lying under oath and not go free without first paying for the consequences of lying under oath. Enforcement of the law, should be used as a further deterrence of the law of lying under oath.          

In Odell Johnson’s conclusion it encourages people to speak up.      









Few there are, that be brave or courageous enough to come forth  and confront the situation or the loose cannons.  Delilah is a loose cannon.  Fortunately, Paul did not and does not fall into that category, Paul is quite and humble in nature, but confronts and is combative when his rights are challenged.        

Delilah, before the court and under oath and the penalty of perjury before her, lied and perjured herself, knowing fully well the lies she told to the court were not investigated or supported and clearly unsubstantiated.         



  ” Use What You Got, may force legislators on all levels to revisit, reexamine and rethink their judgment concerning restraining law and how the laws work and the consequences of false reporting, and false reporting includes a slew of issues such as; Lying, and lying under oath, premeditation (malice and aforethought) malicious reporting.          

Thus far nobody’s been forced to do anything.   

Odell Johnson wrote this novel in 2004, sadly not one iota has changed regarding the way the courts and judges handle this insanity. They still penalize the innocent and not damn the guilty.   

As Odell Johnson points out, the money and time that could be saved in these courts throughout our Nation if individuals in fact would have to acquire a lawyer to obtain these documents.    

But understand something here, you don’t need lawyers and money to Fight these immature mental cases and win, or pay lawyers to obtain documents. Believe me you can obtain all the documents you need yourself. Sad part is the JUDGES themselves. It is they that sign these PPOs to begin with without the slightest bit of evidence that somebody has deserved these. And they will do anything they can to hide their own behinds when the cases do come forward, because they did sign it. So in reality they help the Loose Cannons and the Crazies of this world make it into these courts with ease. And in reality the Judge who signs these PPOs should ALSO be held Accountable.   

 ” Truth hurts – not the searching after; the running from!  John Eyberg   

To have the accused running around having to gather these documents to prove innocence is insane. It is the Judges that should make the accusers produce actual documents that are indeed truth of their accusations before they put their signatures on these PPOs. As in stands now the accuser can write any and every lie they can think of and put it on papers and claim the accuser did it. Even when the case comes before them, and proof is shown by the accused that they were in facts lies, Judges today are so overwhelmed with these countless number of cases. That they could care less about any of it. They are just trying to conclude another day. Actual Truth Doesn’t really matter to them making them as bad as the Loose Cannons of this world. The loose cannons that Odell Johnson spoke about will also come to  hearings and continue to tell one lie after another.   

And know your rights! You have a right to a RECONSIDERATION HEARING MOTION. But understand something, you can prove from the previous hearing all the perjury that took place like you had proof for the perjury on the PPO itself, and the Judge ( and the reconsideration hearing by law has to go before the same Judge who signed PPO and heard first case , Insane I know. Unless they refuse to hear the reconsideration . Then it goes before another Judge )  who still signed the PPO to begin with, will still hide their own behinds. They will not admit that they were and are wrong. Again as bad as the crazies that take out these kinds of documents on people. So your not just fighting the Loose Cannons, you are fighting the Judge that won’t admit they were wrong for having signed it in the first place. But they can and will Terminate the PPO because common sense can’t be overlooked forever. But they will contradict their own words as well as the loose cannons, from one hearing to the next.   

And it is all complete insanity.   

So hopefully this will open some eyes to this subject matter who had not seen Odell Johnson’s writings. And in fact enlighten those who will read Mr. Johnson’s novel to Contact Legislators  from the City, County and State Level straight through to the National Level. Because this UTTER MADNESS MUST STOP.    


Contact your Representative: http://house.michigan.gov/find_a_rep.asp      

Contact your Senator: http://senate.michigan.gov/SenatorInfo/find-your-senator.htm   


This Blog is about a Novel written by a man named Odell Johnson.   

The novel was written in his words and couldn’t have described the Delilah’s of this world anymore to perfection.   

Now ” On to the Novel “   


And this blog is protected by the First Amendment and the Freedom of Speech Act .

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