Jockey Carlos Garcia seriously injured after spill at Pinnacle Race Course.

Extent of the injuries are unknown as of this writing.

In 9th race aboard the 6 horse Kingsford Fire trained by Larry Ulman.

Garcia lost his irons at about the 5/8 pole and fell from his mount and from the head on shot looked that he was trampled over by his horse. Garcia laid motionless from the time he was dropped until ambulance crew and Pinnacle Tractor workers helped to get him onto stretcher. A fellow jockey ( unknown ) after bringing his mount back from the race ran to where Garcia laid. I spoke with him briefly when he returned to paddock and he stated Garcia was not able to move, and from the middle of breast bone to his shoulder was the main point of the injury. Praying it looked worst than it is. Will update when information becomes available.

Kingsford Red was caught up after race and seemed OK.

On another one of our Horsemen, many of us are very concerned about Valet Donald Smith. Donnie was taken by ambulance last Saturday Aug. 7th to hospital and has not been seen or heard from since. Donnie was injured the previous week when a horse he was saddling caused an injury to his neck. What was a bump swelled into a very large mass over that week.  Hospital where Donnie was supposedly taken has stated he was never seen there at all.  His condition and where abouts are unknown. But his friends sadly are into panic mode. Many fellow horseman/woman has left numerous calls that have gone unanswered. Hopefully the ORC can place a call to the in case of emergency on record to give us some insight to where he is and if he’s OK. Or at least get a report from ambulance company contracted to Pinnacle, to where he was in fact taken to.

Posted at 2:45AM

UPDATE: Monday Aug. 23, 2010  8:00am

Jockey Carlos Garcia suffered a dislocated shoulder in this spill on August 15th and reportedly also has a broken bone within the shoulder, bruised Ribs and Arm.

Donnie Smith is still hospitalized in a Detroit Hospital as a result of the injury he sustained saddling a horse. He has undergone one surgery, and is scheduled for another this morning. He remains in Serious but Stable condition. I spoke with him on Friday, just glad we found out where he was.

Get Well Donnie.


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