Witness signs affidavit he was at the Manoogian Mansion Party and Mike Cox WAS THERE.


I said it from day one when Mike Cox supposedly got handed this investigation on this Manoogian Party and that when over he would say it was just a Urban Myth. And that sooner or later it would all come out and it would be proven that Mike Cox was himself an attendee at that party he claimed didn’t ever exist.

In a Statement from Mike Cox:  it is absolutely Ridiculous, we have over 800,000 jobless and you want to talk about HOW I COVERED THIS WHOLE KWAME MESS UP ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE?

WELL YES WE DO. And why? Not because you are some at the present moment Republican front runner in the Governor’s race because in reality if you do become the Republican nominee, there isn’t a Democrat you could beat.  No, we want to talk about it because Mike Cox is a LIAR, PERIOD.

And it is no surprise to me that the individuals hired to be security would themselves have criminal records, after all isn’t that why they were ever hired to begin with? In case if anyone did find out this party did happen and they came forward and talk about being there that they could say. HEY LOOK AT THIS GUYS RECORD. HE’S NOT TRUST WORTHY, HE’S BEEN ARRESTED AND DID TIME.

And that is exactly why these kinds of people were HIRED. But just one thing here. Nobody anticipated Carlita Kilpatrick coming home to beat the dancer that was hired to perform at this kind of party. And that the dancer would end up being bullet riddled to death. And from that a chain train wreck would happen because of it. With this young woman ending up dead, why would even a Biker come forward and not be scared he’d end up the same damn way?

The reality of all this is, Paramedics in the past have spoken that they treated Tamara Green and she told them a party held by the at the time Mayor of Detroit took place. And that his wife beat her. So why is everybody now saying this is the first for anything. Information has came out, just not this concrete. Why in the world would somebody who has the chance of going to prison for two years if  lying, sign his name to an affidavit? If somebody said hey do this and we will pay you a couple million bucks after you come out, I doubt anyone who has been to prison would want to give up two years of their freedom for such a thing. Just to burn Mike Cox? I rather think not.  To me the only one from the start who could burn Mike Cox would be Mike Cox.

So save all these details that the man giving the details willing to sign his name has had a shady past. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT. THAT’S WHY THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE WERE CHOSEN.

So if they did talk it would be their character put under the magnifying glass and scrutiny, to once again DIVERT off what is the real story here. And believe me by time it really gets going your going to find out that Tamara Green’s murder was not only covered up by the Mayor, Mayors Family, Mayor’s Friends, Mayors Friends Friends and the Attorney General himself Mike Cox. But that some had a direct connection with her death. Kwame Kirkpatrick and Carlita Kirkpatrick are already saying they’re going to take the FIFTH  on any Depositions about Tamara Green. And what does this tell you?

There is a ton of dirty laundry that nobody has yet to touch on. The former Mayor is in JAIL because he is a Liar.

A party took place but no one in their wildest imagination could of foreseen the chain of events that would come from it. Especially the death of a dancer hired to perform there. Mike Cox was already knee deep in shit for having been there to begin with. Do you actually think a Attorney General would admit OH YEAH, I got a Lap Dance from a stripper. Then the guys wife who threw the party ( who just happened to be the Mayor ) came home and beat her senseless, than she ended up DEAD. OH YEAH I ADMIT so entire career can be flushed down the toilet. Like this would be the first in a politicians life? It would be even worse for the Attorney General, whose job it is to uphold the law. And prosecute criminals.

Yes Knee Deep.


November 2009  Did Manoogian Mansion tapes vanish?

On a spring day in 2003, State Police detectives headed out of Detroit police headquarters with a box of evidence that had them wondering whether they might unlock the truth of a rumored wild party at the Manoogian Mansion. But they never found out.

As they pressed the down button on an elevator and tried to leave, Detroit police executives confronted them and refused to let the evidence — a cache of 911 dispatch tapes or cops’ computer files — out of the building, according to never-disclosed testimony obtained by the Free Press.

A day later, when State Police went back to a vault where both sides had agreed to store the 36 tapes in a sealed box, the investigators found the seal broken and 30 tapes missing, according to the testimony.

“We were appalled,” State Police Detective Sgt. Mark Krebs said in a six-hour deposition that provides other new details about the internal tensions that roiled the investigation of the alleged party and its purported connection to the slaying of Tamara Greene, a stripper who was said to have danced at the party.

Krebs testified that Attorney General Mike Cox rushed to wrap up the probe. “The investigation was shut down much too early,” the detective said under oath in a lawsuit filed by Greene’s family.

On Friday, Cox scoffed at any suggestion that he cut the investigation short. He said State Police interviewed scores of witnesses and looked at other evidence, but found nothing….. story continues…

I’m a Big Boy, I’m a Marine, I can take the shots.


We shall see. Kwame brought Kwame down, and Cox will bring down Cox. Lies always have a way of coming back to haunt people. And we can see where it’s gotten K. Kilpatrick. It wasn’t really the Investigators or the Prosecutor that got K.K. as much as it was his own lies. One lie told after another after another after another. So many lies being told you start to forget your own story. When your telling the truth, only one story can be told and it doesn’t ever get waivered because it is the truth. In the end a Liar will always keep changing the story inventing new lies to cover up the already existing ones they have told. In the end they tell on themselves. The first at a low volume until the last when it’s BLASTING SO LOUD IT BLOWS OUT THE EAR DRUMS. And blows your own ass right into prison where you belong. Who knows maybe Kwame and Mike can share a cell and laugh about the good old days. That’s what Delusions cause.

MIKE COX: Where was this guy 8 years ago, 7 years ago. This guy can’t be trusted because of his long criminal past.

Why he is even more believable. If your going to have security at a thing like this. Who would you hire, a BOY SCOUT? No you would have people with criminal pasts so you could fall back on this excuse if need be.

Is this guy telling the truth? We’ll find out. But don’t use the excuse look at the guys past criminal record. Because that’s exactly what you would want in case they ran their mouth to what was suppose to be very private.  None of these people thought a murder would come from a party. It took a while for the EMS workers to come forward as well.

Skeletons in the closet almost always come out.  

People lie to cover up so they won’t go to prison, they don’t invent a lie signing affidavit’s knowing they will. Unless they suffer from total stupidity or have zero brain function which means they couldn’t make up a lie if they wanted to. This man isn’t a prisoner exchanging information for a plea deal. He is a free man not awaiting any charges of any kind.

Stay Tuned…..


Wilson Kay Jr. was a NO SHOW for 2nd Deposition on July 21 .

So why leak the name of this individual?  But this part is still remarkably total idiocy by this K.K. lawyer.

Detroit attorney James C. Thomas, a Kilpatrick attorney, said ” it is absurd to think the former mayor, who had a police executive protection unit to provide his security, would hire a motorcycle club to work at a private party”.
Again people, who would you hire for this type of party? POLICE EXECUTIVE PROTECTION UNIT? Come on here, lets drop the STUPID act. I certainly don’t know if this guy is telling the truth, nobody knows. My blog  point is don’t use the guys RAP SHEET to blow it off. Because in reality this is exactly the kind of individuals you would want. Then if they talked. HEY LOOK AT THIS CRIMINALS HISTORY. If he’s a no show, maybe it’s because he is a show boat OR?, but what did he have to GAIN? Considering what’s at stake here, the Family of this slain woman. I doubt their attorney coaxed somebody to do this. It wouldn’t make any sense. And who put Mike Cox in the spotlight. Does Attorney Norman Yatooma have some sort of hate we don’t know about going for Mike Cox?
And what has happened with Mike Cox’s ex-aide Brooke Jordan A.K.A. Liszak  having important information on whether or why Mike Cox’s investigation was compromised as was told to the Detroit News in March 2010? Her deposition was suppose to have took place on March 17 in Arizona where she now lives.
Nevertheless we still had State POLICE implying City Police removed tapes on this case.  Are the MI. STATE OFFICERS LIARS TOO? I would rather think many of them have Commendations to their sheets.
Once Again,

Report: Detroit police removed 30 tapes from probe into Manoogian Mansion party

Published: Sunday, November 08, 2009, 6:26 PM     Updated: Sunday, November 08, 2009, 8:00 PM

A Michigan State Police detective testified that Detroit police prevented him from reviewing tapes of 911 calls and computer files that might have contained evidence of a rumored party at the official mayoral residence in 2003, a newspaper reported Sunday.

 The Detroit Free Press quoted Sgt. Mark Krebs as saying in a sworn deposition that senior city police officials barred him from taking a box of 36 tapes from Detroit police headquarters shortly after the April 30, 2003, drive-by shooting of exotic dancer Tamara Greene, who was said to have performed at the never-proven party.

Krebs testified that when he and other state detectives returned to police headquarters the next day to collect the box of tapes, they found 30 tapes missing.

 “We were appalled,” Krebs said in a six-hour deposition obtained by the newspaper. He testified in a lawsuit brought by Greene’s family alleging city officials and police undermined the investigation of her death.

Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, police officials and lawyers for the city have denied the allegation.

Krebs said he was unsure whether the tapes that investigators had subpoenaed contained 911 dispatch calls or backup files from police executive computers. In either case, Detroit police officials would not let the tapes leave headquarters, Krebs said.

 In a compromise, the tapes were sealed in a box and locked in a walk-in vault. The next day, Krebs said, investigators discovered the seal was broken and 30 tapes were missing.

Detroit Police Cmdr. Russell Decrease, who Krebs said refused to hand over the tapes on orders from senior officials, declined to comment on Krebs’ testimony.

 State Police Lt. Curtis Schram, who also worked the investigation of Greene’s death, has testified in a separate case that Detroit police told state investigators they removed the 30 tapes because they had turned over too much information.

Krebs also testified that Attorney General Mike Cox impeded the state’s investigation, but Cox said that was not the case.

“To this day, no one in the State Police, our office or the media has identified someone who was there or could provide any evidence in a courtroom that there was a party,” Cox said.

 Krebs testified he never found anybody who attended the party.

 Attorney Jeffrey Morganroth, who represents former Kilpatrick chief of staff Christine Beatty in the lawsuit, said it was curious that “most of the focus seems to be on the rumored party when the case is supposed to be about Greene’s death.”

Cox has agreed to sit for a deposition in the Greene case, but a date hasn’t been set.

 Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans recently assigned the investigation of Greene’s murder to a local, state and federal violent crimes task force. Detroit police and the FBI declined to comment on the investigation.

_ Information from: Detroit Free Press,

Well Warren Evans is certainly not here anymore? Every local news channel reporter questioned why such a big deal was made over Warren Evans so called Reality Show Tape. And that SOME OTHER TYPE OF POLITICS was really behind Evans demise.

Just posing the ?

Biker  can be overshadowed with Shady Past. But what about State Police who also stated and testified in depositions long ago that they felt Detroit City Police conspired to hide tapes. Again there is more to this story than meets the eye.

But if I was a reporter I would start inquiring what happened with Brook Jordan/Liszak.

Or maybe this is the ace in the hole?

Again Stay Tuned……

Aug. 3, 2010 11:oopm

Rick Snyder has been voted the Republican Gubernatorial Governor Candidate.


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