A Day of Loss, Dave Belknap.

A True Gentleman in every sense of the word.   

Wednesday morning we lost one of our own. Dave Belknap was found in the paddock on his  farm and died after being kicked by one of his horses in the head.

Dave was the Placing Judge at Pinnacle Race Course and Trained for many years at DRC, Great Lakes Downs and other tracks as well. He was genuinely a nice and easy-going guy who always had a smile on his face. And it will be that smile and honest nature everyone will miss the most.

From the start of Pinnacle in 2008, Dave would come down from the stewards box and walk to Paddock always greeting the people he knew along the way. I cannot count the number of times he said Hi Linda how’s it going. Always saying what do you hear these days on us. And I would laugh and say you should know more than me. Always smiling, always nice and always respectful of everyone.

This has been a very upsetting day for all who knew Dave. My condolences go out to his entire family. Our hearts are heavy with you along with our thoughts and prayers.    

Dave was the kind of person that his loss is beyond words. In fact unimaginable that he’s actually gone. His 54 years on this earth enriched us. Though his physical presence we will no longer see. His spirit and smile will live within each and every one of us that knew him. He will be much missed but never ever forgotten. For when you look to the sky, you will see Dave’s smile from the Heavens.    


“God forbid that I should go to any Heaven where there are no horses.”
R. B. Cunningham-Graham  




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