Indiana Downs Sets Handle Record. ANYBODY LISTENING MICHIGAN?

The Indiana Downs meet went out with a bang July 14 with a new total handle record for one program.

Total handle for the 13-race card was $2,667,917, track officials reported. The previous record of $2,140,490, for 10 races, was set June 30.

Officials said the June 30 mark was passed after nine races July 14.

“It was a wonderful card, and it was a great night to be out at the races,” Indiana Downs director of racing Butch Cook said in a statement. “I’m not surprised at all that the betting record was broken again. I knew when we took the entries it was going to be a huge night. The horsemen really stepped up and delivered.”

“When all the dust settles, our 2010 single-day wagering record beats the 2009 record by about 45%,” Indiana Downs general manager Jon Schuster said. “That is an amazing feat in our industry. This just proves that increased quality, a balanced racing program, and the proper exposure will motivate horsemen and horseplayers alike—and it moves the entire Indiana horse racing industry forward.”

Indiana Downs has slot machines that contribute revenue to purses and breed development programs. This year’s meet was heavily patronized by Kentucky-based horses, particularly those at the higher levels, because of the track’s purse structure.

Thoroughbred purses averaged $200,018 a day over 60 days, up 37.9% from $145,019 over 62 days in 2009, according to The Jockey Club Information Systems. Field size held steady at 8.75 horses per race, down a tick from 8.78 last year.

Indiana Downs closed out its 2010 meet with a bang Wednesday evening, handling More than $2.6 million for the 13-race card. The Shelbyville, Ind., track had never handled more than $2.1 million on any given card. Daily handle for on the meet’s live races averaged more than $1 million for the first time in the track’s existence. The average daily handle from all sources was $1,017,355, up more than 3 percent from $983,848 in 2009.


DRF Excerpt on Article:

The Shelbyville, track had never handled more than $2.1 million on any given card. Daily handle for on the meet’s live races averaged more than $1 million for the first time in the track’s existence.

Complete meet handle figures weren’t immediately available.

Mike Hunt was leading owner, and Richard Kohnhorst, who trains for Hunt, took leading trainer honors. Leandro Goncalves edged Victor Lebron for the riding title.

Indiana Downs begins its harness meet July 23. Indiana Thoroughbred racing moves to Hoosier Park beginning July 30.


What in the hell is it going to take to WAKE UP MICHIGAN that SLOTS AT HORSE RACING TRACKS is not only good for HORSE RACING but brings in much needed REVENUE FOR THE STATE.

This is a NO BRAINER that just doesn’t do anything but GOOD FOR BOTH.

Pinnacle Race Course’s THOROUGHBRED HORSEMEN are funding their own meet with their purses. And the track is still going broke. Now meetings are taking place within the HBPA looking at other options and venues to possibly fall on in case Pinnacle goes completely bust. And to me it is completely INSANE. Jerry Campbell built Pinnacle for the Thoroughbred Industry. Yes Comerica Welched when Wall Street went bust. And all we hear is rumors of this and rumors of that and it beyond frustrating. Everything seems to be a secret and we are tired of it. The Thoroughbred Horsemen of Mi. have given it their all and what else any individual wants from us is beyond me. Each and passing day brings on struggle and wondering all resulting in STRESS beyond its max.

To look at any other venues to race at when we have a brand new track that celebrated its 3rd anniversary Sunday, is disheartening. But at this juncture Jerry Campbell better wake up. Horsemen are sick and tired of hearing something is about to happen. AS IN WHAT? Good, Bad or Indifference?

This Governor and this whole State of Michigan is cutting its own throat. Problem is Michigan has already bled out. Only thing it can go from here is up with the right  implementation. How can a State love our 3.5% simulcast tax so much that the Horsemen can’t touch a dime of this money that we GENERATE for this State through Horse Racing.  Horse Racing has never taken from the State, it has GIVEN to the State. Now for more than 77 years.,1607,7-120-55140_46521-182959–,00.html

We have generated Millions upon Millions upon Millions of $$$ over these years. Yet we are the most slapped down Industry in this State. Treated like the manure in the bins at the tracks are more worthy than its workers. Horse Racing in this State is connected to over 12,000 jobs here. It’s workers go at it 7 days a week. Yet Michigan Governor and it’s Legislators completely ignore our cries for help. And what for?

To continue to be able to work at their trades and make money for Michigan. Why do we have to beg Michigan to make money for them? This is insane. We are asking for a fair shake that other States have had the Brains to allow because it is good for an Industry that helps its State MAKE MORE MONEY. But what has Jennifer Granholm done? Dissolve our Governing Body of the Office Of Racing Commisioner. Remove us from where we belonged under Agriculture, to under a jurisdiction of people who have only known one thing. CASINO’S.  The Michigan Gaming Control Board. Fabulous!!! You think so damn much of Casino’s, why not do what you can to give an Industry that’s been in this State since 1933 MAKING MONEY FOR YOU the same fair shot.

What has Horse Racing here done to deserve such disrespect and disregard from the State Of Michigan?


Indiana’s HORSE RACING IS THRIVING, and the money that this Industry creates is making Indiana Richer.

So Michigan doesn’t need any money like this am I correct? I must be when the entire MICHIGAN GOVERNMENT STANDS BY AND WATCHES IT’S POTENTIAL GO DOWN THE TOILET. And they seem to be doing it Happily.


Not only because you can see for yourself what it has done for the Thoroughbred Industry  in Indiana, but what it has done for the State of Indiana. It is Obvious our simulcasting money is wanted, needed and being spent and used by Michigan. It’s just not being allowed to be used by the Industry that’s generating it. And that people is inexcusable and absurd. That the Thoroughbred Horsemen are giving Michigan their sweat of 7 days of week work days, their energy, their fight and their own damn money to fund their own meet TO MAKE YOU MONEY. Without Horse Racing there would be no SIMULCAST TAX that brings you in extra Millions that we can’t touch. Yet you won’t as much lift a finger for the very same people you take that money right from out of their hands. We are Tired, We are Broke and we are running out of Options. Yet the Horsemen & Women of this State generate these Millions for you.

The Movie Industry got a 42% tax break from Graholm to exist here. Which cost Mi. $120 Million in Revenue.
But Horse Racing got 0% Tax break, which brings in over $400 Million.

Instead of jamming a dagger into are jugulars,

Isn’t it about time you finally give something back to us?

I Urge everyone to pass this on to your Representative’s, Senators and CONTACT: entire Legislative body of the State of Michigan. AND TELL THE NEXT GOVERNOR HOW VITAL WE ARE TO THIS STATE. Because we are running out of time, and this State of ours ran out of money a long time ago. We can do a hell of A LOT BETTER HERE.


Contact your Representative:

Contact your Senator:

And tell them what Indiana did for the Industry of Horse Racing there. And because of it how much more money was generated for that State.

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