Pinnacle Race Course First Live Race Day Ends With a Bang

Thunder, Lightening & Tornado warning wise!

Pinnacle had a great opening day crowd wise. Almost every spot of the parking lot was full. There’s just something about LIVE racing that sparks enthusiasm, even with the dire situation of Horse Racing in the State of Michigan still in panic mode.

JJ Delgado  had 4 wins on today’s card and horsemen just looked happy to finally get the racing underway. But what is not full is the stalls on the backside. Pinnacle won’t give stalls to our native trainers who have obtained stalls at other tracks. In essence they don’t want people to gain stalls here and constantly ship elsewhere. Which to me is a little unfair. People have to find races and make a living. And with only 18 races a week being run here this meet in two days of racing. Owners still have to pay Trainers and Trainers have to pay Grooms, Exercise people, Etc….

It’s a little hard to tell folks well if we give you stalls you have to remain loyal only to Pinnacle. At this point it’s not about being Dis-Loyal to Pinnacle. It’s about making a living. And Owners who are paying the bills regardless whether Pinnacle races only two days or not. Only so many races can be written for different types of conditions. You cannot expect people to not look at other tracks condition books and leave your horse sitting in a stall here if a race here doesn’t go or one doesn’t get written. These people have to make a living. They are shelling out a hell of a lot of $$$ to just be sitting anywhere. You can reserve stalls for people who don’t have large enough stables that will be glad to just run at Pinnacle. But the larger outfits, there are just way too many horses to race and with Pinnacle only racing on Sat. & Sun. 9 races per day. Again you can’t expect the Trainers who responsibility it is to find races for the Owners, to just sit there with horses ready to go but no races in which to race them.

Nobody likes shipping in and out of race tracks all the time. It costs more to do this and it’s harder on the horses. Everyone involved would like to stay put, but with the situation here in Mi., you have to do what you have to do. Period

But Saturday was a great start to what has been a very nerve racking state of affairs here for Horsemen. And even though the day was filled with the joy of returning to a Live meet. In back of many minds the anxiety still reigns with thoughts of whether the money will hold out to complete this years meet. One can only hope so. There is news on the horizon that looks to be a gleam of hope, but mum is still the word on any announcement. So for right now hopefully the fans of Thoroughbred Racing will come out on the weekends and support us. But Pinnacle still needs to get themselves in drive gear. The are other things that could be going on to draw in people on days that don’t have live racing. Like at least getting in Mi. State Lottery Keno, that restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and the other two races tracks in the tri-county area have.

Also picking up every available Thoroughbred track signal to have players wanting to come to Pinnacle. Because of right now, I must of heard a 100 people say today they go to the other two tracks because they are running more tracks in which to bet on. Pinnacle cannot continue to lose business in that way and still expect to exist. They could be doing a lot of other things to be drumming up business there.

Nevertheless today was a good start to the shortened day meet. And Thank God the soaking rains held off until the live racing card completed. A few of us stuck around into the evening and literally had to sit tight as the announcement by Pinnacle personal that the area was surrounded by Tornado cells. All me and a friend who is a HBPA member could do is laugh and say yeah that’s what we need now to really put an end to us. A Tornado hitting the track! Pinnacle opens and closed all in a day! Well I made it home through flooded out roads and I’m sure my friend did as well, and Sunday will be another racing day. Bale out those stalls in the AM, and we’ll see you in the PM.

Pinnacle finally opened to see another season. And whether anybody thinks so or not, with storms and all.

The Thunder is back and
That is a Beautiful Day.

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