This is just another way Mankind has destroyed this earth.

And yet even more idiotic people starting with no brain out of Alaska wanting even more drilling in water. This is what happens when nobody ever thinks beyond their nose. Now we have what’s going to be ending up with billions of oil leaking out of B.P.s well in the Gulf. And it’s impact will be felt beyond our years on this earth. We are NATURES NATURAL DISASTERS. Drilling miles under the bottom of a ocean, did it never occur that a disaster of this magnitude could happen? Obviously not, because had it been giving consideration a plan to fix such a major disaster would of already been in place just in case. This is what happens when nobody THINKS.

Some will say look at all the other wells being successfully pumping. And I will say and they are disasters about to happen as well. This only makes us further dependent on the middle east. They are jumping for joy.
B.P. s record for safety violations date back at least until 2005. When 18 workers were killed on a Texas oil rig. Other deaths also occurred because of other safety issues.

 With the fact that BP alone has had 97% willful violations from 2005. Why didn’t the Bush administration crack down excruciatingly hard on this company? Seems to me fines didn’t phase this company. With the billions being brought by this crude oil they drilled for, knowing this fact that fines alone really didn’t change their practices about safety issues. Why did not somebody seek into further legalities that would of led to some prison time for the company’s owner? And even more evidence proved that George W. Bush sheltered BPs executives, by not allowing his Department of Justice to dig into a criminal probe. Only befitting since his Daddy sheltered him from the Vietnam War.

And our present President seems also helpless as his knowledge to anything escapes us all. Where is President Clinton when we need him? I said Barrack Obama was not experienced enough for the Commander of Chiefs job as our President. No more than a drunk who we had for 8 years in the White House. But reality is because Bush did shelter BP executives years ago, the safety problems have been allowed to continue. In fact it is as common practice as drinking your glass of OJ in the morning.

Well what’s done now is done. It has already happened. Actual facts tell us we don’t even really know how much oil has gushed into the Gulf. And more important how is it going to be stopped? Outside of the human lives the explosion took, the now millions of ocean life it has killed and will continue to kill will never be actually known. Louisiana’s fishing industry has been wiped out, like L.A. needed further destruction after Katrina. Another Bush failure. No once again this present administration will now have to clean up another Bush related mess. Like the financial & housing markets weren’t enough left by Bush. Personally I don’t know what President Obama has been waiting for, but it’s that lack of experience his predecessor also had that has him not rushing fast enough into a major disaster. Bush lack of movement caused a lot more unnecessary deaths after Katrina. Even if Obama doesn’t have any more answers of how to cap this well deep into the ocean, he could of at least sent in the troops necessary to aid in the prevention of spreading this catastrophe. Although with that much oil pouring into the Gulf. I don’t know if even sending a billion people could of helped prevented the spread of now one of the worst oil spill disaster of it’s kind.

Hopefully with as much intelligence from any source that can be tapped into and with the grace of God. This oil will be stopped, plugged and fixed. Then hopefully a whole lot of people will end up in Prison for a very long time. But not letting your own DOJ probe into criminal action by a company as far as I’m concerned should lead our ex-President to have to answer some questions as well. Because it might of been that action that was even a worst of crime than making this company be responsible for their violations. Face is America the Blind have been leading the Blind now since 2000. One can always blame somebody for a present situation. But truth be known, this might have been all avoided if the previous President in charge would of taking action when disaster struck his own State in 2005 with this same company he catered to.

And that is the gospel truth.

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