HBPA to go back to Michigan Gaming Control Board

Well it’s off to the MGCB for the Horsemen’s Benevolent Protection Association in Michigan to attempt to seal an agreement with Pinnacle for the upcoming very short meet for 2010.

Paul Burns,  Mi. HBPA lawyer  has researched the matter and a conclusion has been drawn on the matter and so further legalities will have to be settled before the meet at Pinnacle Race Course can finally proceed.

LEGAL OPINION: A legal opinion has been offered by attorney Paul Burns regarding financial assistance to Pinnacle Race Course. An attempt is underway to schedule a meeting with the Michigan Gaming and Control Board to gain their support on the agreement, per Paul’s opinion.5/21

So this sad saga drags on. And the Horsemen are its losers. At this moment if any horses have being brought to the grounds, considering HBPA is still trying to find a resolution to all this madness. It may be a total waste of time shipping in until a final decision had been made, approved & supported that a meet will indeed take place. But the Warning to Horsemen on the HBPA site: CALL BEFORE YOU SHIP IN has been taken down. So according to what was posted today on the HBPA site. We are now going yet to another meeting with the MGCB for support on this matter of giving Pinnacle a ton of money having to buy back some of its date. But considering it was the MGCB that left us with only 3 days out of 84 to begin with. I find this whole process absurd. We don’t have enough against us with the MGCB, Harness Idiots & the Governor’s antics. We have to continue to fight with Pinnacle as well.

All I can say is our Michigan Governor should be run out of this state for dissolving the Office of Racing Commissioner in the first place. She took the one entity that brings in Revenue to the State by the $$$$$ MILLIONS, and has cut its throat. Idiocy at it’s best. Even though other States are also struggling  with financial troubles affecting Horse Racing throughout the country. I don’t know of one single other Governor who does have race tracks in their State that has cut their Office of Racing Commissioner.

BTW Jennifer Granholm as of May 16th.



That’s from Simulcasting alone.

You don’t deserve the Title of Governor. Court Jester would best describe you. Only thing not funny about it is leaving an entire Industry left to HANG.

What in the world were you thinking? A State who is desperate for any shred of revenue to cut one of that State’s biggest Revenue contributors of its governing body. How much thought process went into this NO-BRAINER?

Michigan needs you like it needs another 100 wholes in its head. Do us all a favor and resign already. Your no better than you predecessor Engler.

The both of you have been the DEATH TO MICHIGAN.

Posted at 11:10 PM, not AM

Update to this @ Mi. Bred Claimer

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