Legalities may halt T.B. meet at Pinnacle Race Course

Jerry Campbell wants a ton of money from the HBPA upfront. HBPA lawyer is looking into the legalities of it all. And Pinnacle won’t guarantee a thing even if $$$ is received. Opening the door for Lawsuits from Horsemen.

Also nn HBPA site states: LEGAL OPINION: The process is on going to determine if the suggested method of assisting Pinnacle financially is free of any legal problems. An opinion for the board’s consideration is expected by the end of the week. 5/18

Neither HBPA nor Pinnacle wants to get sued. And MTOBA hasn’t talked about kicking in a dime for this upcoming meet if one actually gets run.

Then JERRY CAMPBELL SPEAKS TO HBPA BOARD: Comments removed, per request by Lisa Campbell, additional information will come in a “press release”. 5/17

Second by Second details constantly change. And all of this is F’D up. Feel sorry for every Mi. T.B. Horsemen out there being left hanging.

Stay Tuned for ” Lost Days of our Lives “.

One big ridiculous mess.

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