Stop your crying, cry babies.

What a FAMILY!

Middle aged 40 year old adolescents, STILL crying to someone into 70s.

Posted mistake cached.

Your cruelest insanity and my anger from it wasn’t meant to appear here.

Google can be a BITCH like these middle aged 40 year olds. So the requested removal of something nobody had a right to snap a picture of in first place has been made. But they don’t seem to jump as fast as you’ve been used to in LIFE by others.

So Grin and Bare it as no one can make Google comply with something even if requested. They don’t seem to budge any faster than 40 year olds refusing to move out of parent’s house, AND LEAVE THEM TO A LIFE OF THEIR OWN.

SO SHUT UP AND QUIT YOUR CRYING. It’s not like a lie was told on any of you.

At least your still breathing to CRY, unlike a helpless animal that had no say. If only you were all crying over the right thing, something wouldn’t have got written to begin with to be delivered only to you. But two days with dealing with google and getting no where you may just have to live with it.

I never heard one apology come out of any mouths to me for anything. And I’ll be damn if I go through aggravation any longer for speaking the truth. Do your own dirty work in life and maybe others won’t get so enraged to speak of you.

You got off luckier than the dog. That is what you really should be crying about. In this case the end DID NOT justify the means. You took the easy way out for YOU. Only adults have to make decisions I guess considering these sources. If only that decision could be requested to be removed by the rightful owner and him saved from a needless death.

But now you want to be SAVED. These were words not LIFE. How sad what you consider to be more important.

Well this is out of my hands. I made the request to save me more than you since it wasn’t wanted or meant to be here in the first place. My Blog Page is one of integrity. It is my reputation that is the worthy one.

At least I made the effort which is more than you did for a pet you refused to save.

Request was for honest mistake, yours on the other hand was selfishly deliberate. I can look at myself in the mirror, can YOU?

So Cry on Cry on.


Some people just don’t learn.

They think the whole wide world is like the parents they had and have that gave them their own way through their spoiled selfish lives.

Thus an accident I killed immediately that was actually a complete mistake because it was a a letter being written and certainly  not meant to be a blog here on WordPress, was turned into a DRAMA.  What indeed got written by me was 100% truth. But the lies that it was turned into? Reality is some people are just not worth saving. They made their own reputations and now they can own up to them and be made to explain their actions and live with it. They created their own monster by their rotten behavior and the Dad has saved them long enough.

It is time for Middle Aged 40 year old adolecents to GROW UP.

So, in the upcoming days I may blog  in an approach most adults will understand about about the unnecessary death of Dog. A beautiful 9 year old Akita named Titus. Put to death before his time on this earth by the selfishness of a 44 year old spoiled little brat.

The time for saving her face has ended. Enough is enough. I feel utterly sad for her Dad who enabled this little girl to stay irresponsible and immature all of her pathetic life. And I feel sorry that he still goes to great lengths to protect her instability. Even if it trashes other peoples good names.

Her 78 year old Dad deserves some peace while he’s still alive to enjoy it.

And she has proven she has way too much time on her hands along with a boyfriend who has too much time on his as well. 47 doesn’t have to work because he has committed fraud collecting free money. Well your time is up BUD. Your free ride is about to come to a crashing end. Hope you like PRISON.

Time to Grow up KIDS…………….. To be continued.

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