Pinnacle Race Course has Clocker Available

CLOCKER AVAILABLE: There will be a clocker available at Pinnacle Race Course on Saturday and Sunday beginning Saturday April 24,2010 between 8:00am and 11:30am. In order, to assist our horsemen and women during this stressful period, the HBPA has agreed to pay for the cost of the clocker. Hope this offers some relief.

We are supposed to be on our way to a June 26th start to the shortened 2010 Thoroughbred meet at Pinnacle. HBPA President Bobby Barron executed the agreement Thurs. April 22, 2010…. BUT??? The agreement has not been executed by Pinnacle’s owners as of May 3,2010.

So the saga continues. It is bad enough we have to fight the State, Casino’s, & MHHA but it’s damn right out SAD when we have to fight a fellow Horseman who owns Pinnacle to reach an agreement so the Mi. T.B. horsemen can finally make their plans. Not all of our horsemen went out-of-state during winter, or have obtained stalls elsewhere thus far. This game playing MUST STOP.

The Campbell’s need to get their shit together before this entire season is completely lost. They should have been seeking other sources for Investors other than Banks long ago. They’ve been sitting on their own hands all this time and now are doing it on the heads of their fellow T.B. Michigan Horsemen.

And it is a shame that NO PETITION of our own went forward to the State for the expansion of Gaming with Provisions in place to Protect Live Racing in the State of Mi. leaving now only Dan Adkins bullshit petition that will bury Live Racing for good if it indeed gets enough signatures to be put on a ballot and passes. Or the other group that also has nothing to do with Horse Racing here AT ALL.

Time for this all the way around being our own worst enemies to end. The State already put the noose around our necks but way too many mistakes made by all is what’s really going to get us hung.

So to Pinnacle, let’s get on with it.
Or did Jerry Campbell just build a Race Track primarily to have a track to run his own horses at. This is beyond the point of frustrating now. Infuriating is more like it. The HBPA can give only so much.

Funny how somebody who is a T.B. Owner and Breeder can turn into an adversary to actually assist in our road block for our T.B. meet. Your playing with peoples lives here and it’s not fair.

We have enough people who are doing the damnedest to bring us down. We certainly don’t need Pinnacle’s Owner as well. They should be with us not against us.

Execute the Agreement already.

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