For being that regular JOE.

I watched our Vice President being interviewed when he and his wife were at the Olympics. He sounded as down to earth as they come. He was in AWE as most were of the Athlete’s and just being able to attend the Olympic Games period.

It was really cool.

So now what is being made a BIG DEAL over what he whispered while hugging President Obama after announcing him. I say SO WHAT.

At times I just don’t think Joe Biden actually realizes his position of being Vice President compared to always having been that regular guy. But what he did express was in reality what was the absolute truth of the matter.

That this Health Care Bill passing was in fact a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

Such a big deal it will save a lot of people from dying. And that in itself is a big F’N deal. Republicans don’t think so. They are so busy chanting like brain washed zombies the same damn chant.



For all to have access to health insurance so they can too live.

Because after all their mind-set of who has a right to live only exists inside of a womb. They could care less about somebody who has already been aware of life and living for some time and wants to continue doing so.

They are so busy shouting at others BABY KILLER, they don’t stop to realize their position of KILLING a HEALTH CARE BILL would also be KILLING PEOPLE. They are so preoccupied with playing this so-called Righteous bullshit about abortion and a fetus’s right to live. That they are essentially more guilty of killing more people than actual abortions being performed.

This attitude of let’s save the poor unborn but yet don’t mind letting the sick DIE is the most hypocritical preposterous bunch of bull being pronounced by this Right to Life group. Which also includes some Democrats.

So our Vice President said something in a whisper that was real. That this Health Care Bill was HEY, A Big F’N Deal. Really defining an even bigger deal than anybody could have imagined.

But because Joe Biden is the V.P. he must watch at all times what may be picked up in front of a microphone. But does this mean Joe Biden is a bad guy? On the contrary. To me Joe Biden expressed what most felt, so at times people have to remind him that he is the Vice President and has to put aside a part of him he has always been. A regular Joe.

Unlike his predecessor who was making up falsehoods of why we should go to war and SLAUGHTER our own U.S. Troops. Dick Cheney in essence was running the show even when our then too dense to realize it President Bush couldn’t even control him. Nor did he even know half the time what the V. P. was up to. And Dick Cheney also used the F’ word only he didn’t whisper it, he shouted it on the Senate floor when he told Senator Patrick J. Leahy to go F’ himself.

Joe Biden didn’t kill anybody with these words. He just stated what he thought, even though maybe at that precise moment inappropriately. That this was in essence more of a Big Deal than anybody could ever realize. To the proportion of yes this is one Big F’N Deal.

Maybe coming from the poor background he came from. He understood this more than anybody could have and he expressed it.

I don’t know any kids that will come home in a body bag because of it. But because of what was passed, it may keep many of us from ending up in funeral homes.

Now which V.P. would you rather have. One that conspires to lie conjuring up stories to create not one but two wars that brings people to their deaths. Or a V.P. that’s overly excited because after Ted Kennedy and many others years long battle finally was conquered & passed that will help save people’s lives.

For me, I’ll take Vice President Joe Biden any day or time.

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