Dan Adkins is an Imbecile.

Thinking he can attempt to swindle unknowing individuals into this so called Petition to SAVE MI. RACING. When as written the only ones who will be saved is this GROUP he’s been hired by. Bernard Hartman and Herbert Tyner. Hazel Park Raceway real estate moguls. Or rather MORONS.

Recent Articles in the Oakland Press & Royal Oak Daily Tribune & MLive.com don’t even begin to tell the real story. Dan Adkins has himself being portrayed as some Savior for Saving Horse Racing in Michigan. And he is anything but.

The fact is he with the two who hired him are trying their best to DESTROY Live Mi. Horse Racing. Both Thoroughbred and Harness.

And my advice to the so called journalists and editors of the two newspapers and Mlive.com who OK’d this crap into print need to learn what is Fact from Fiction.

That’s what Real Journalists do.

This petition was suppose to be designed to reverse Proposal 1, as it was misrepresented to it’s meaning. Literally thousands signed the original Petitions written by the Casino’s so it would take a whole state wide vote to put any further gaming to the Race Tracks. And ONLY the Race Tracks. In essence many thought that original petition to put Proposal 1 on the 2004 ballot was to bring more gaming especially to the states horse tracks.

But now Hazel Park’s owners think they can pull a fast one by trying what Ladbroke tried and failed. To just have a BOOK MAKING PARLOR. Nobody bought it in 1998 and the HORSEMEN both Thoroughbred & Harness aren’t buying it now.

The Dan Adkins, Hartman & Tyner version is as follows.

No provisions for LIVE Racing, Simulcasting, Purse Revenues, Contractual Protection. Not only the HBPA but the MHHA want these provisions covered in Petition.

This petition as written will DESTROY LIVE RACING. Both Harness and Thoroughbred. Because this petition as written as of this moment does not protect either group.

Yes, Horse Racing and their tracks definitely should have Gaming if we are to survive. But a Petition must have Provisions for LIVE Racing, Simulcasting, Purse Revenues & Protection of Contracts with Both MHHA & HBPA.

This Petition as of right now, IS GARBAGE. Dan Adkins and his GROUP. Hartman & Tyner need their heads examined. This petition will not SAVE HORSE RACING. As written, it will destroy LIVE racing.

Hartman & Tyner are the only ones looking to get Saved. By trying to establish a BOOKMAKING Joint like Ladbroke was, only in CASINO FORM. And both the HBPA & MHHA do not support this petition as written for this very reason. Dan Adkins and his Group of Two, Hartman & Tyner have halted this petition to a stand still because of their unwillingness to change the language in the present petition and cover all of the horsemen’s concerns, both Harness and Thoroughbred.

Petition as Written won’t save anything but Track Owners. And what the hell is a horse racing track without HORSES?
Just a plain Casino, PERIOD. And how does this SAVE Live Racing and Horsemen. Who is kidding who here?

Dan Adkins can go straight to hell, and take Hartman & Tyner with him. Because of these imbeciles, they are now jeopardizing the actual act of Saving Michigan Horse Racing.

That is why it is dire for the HBPA & MHHA together to have a petition drawn up of their own with the specific provisions concerning ALL the Horse Racing people in the state of Mi.

Any petition without the provisions in tact to protect and assure Live Racing, Simulcasting, Purse Revenues, & Contracts in place with BOTH the HBPA & MHHA is a petition that cannot go ahead. In my opinion WE DO NOT NEED DAN ADKINS.

Both the HBPA & MHHA are as capable of submitting a petition to the Board of State Canvassers as well as Dan Adkins. WE DO NOT NEED HIM. And if the Harness Horsemen fear that Hazel Park won’t give them
a contract to continue racing there. Then I suggest Pinnacle’s Owner Jerry & Lisa Campbell forge ahead with completing Pinnacle Race Course. because if done there would be more than enough space to accommodate not only the Thoroughbreds at Pinnacle. But Harness Racing as well.

Hazel park does not have the facility to even attempt to put in dates for Thoroughbred Racing there, considering they only have two barns standing there at present. That’s why when DRC went down, Thoroughbred racing went to Muskegon.

Hartman & Tyner did not want to invest one thin dime to build a real barn area. They wanted the HBPA to spend their money. Well PISS ON YOU TWICE BOYS. We forged ahead without Hazel Park. And Pinnacle if completed the way the original plans called for. Could very easily run both a T.B & Harness meet simultaneously.

Now put that in your pipes and smoke them Idiots. Nobody needs a Hartman, Tyner nor some buffoon named Adkins to submit a thing to Mi.

HBPA & MHHA are very capable without these three Idiots.

Now let’s get on with it.

An Update to this story


I am having a real hard time at this moment trying to understand why Gary Tinkle did not state to BloodHorse that both the HBPA & MHHA plan on going forward with their own petition on this matter. In fact a little furious.

Dan Adkins misrepresented the petition to the Board of State Canvassers, as a petition to SAVE RACING. For this very reason the HBPA should contact the Board of State Canvassers and request that they rescind their approval for the petition submitted by Adkins. If that same Board see’s a different version of it actually with the specific language of provisions to protect both LIVE Thoroughbred & Harness Horse Racing. I don’t see how they wouldn’t approve the two horsemen’s groups petition. And if this action can only be achieved through a court and a judge, then this is where I’d take it.

Because a blind man can see through this farce of Adkins.

And in another UPDATE to this story


“There’s no time to change the language (of the petition),” said Adkins in response to comments made by Gary Tinkle, executive director of the Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent Protective Association, who had wanted the proposal to include more provisions for horse racing.

“I met with the Thoroughbred and harness horsemen over a year and a half ago and told them I was putting this together, and nobody showed any interest,” said Adkins, adding that even Pinnacle Racecourse owner/developer Jerry Campbell had failed to give a real response to the proposal.

True or not true?

What say Jerry Campbell???

Continuing, Adkins stated referring to Horsemen.

If they want to stand and make fools of themselves and say they don’t support it, that’s up to them.”


If Gary Tinkle hadn’t sounded like a such a scared confused individual by responding “I would hate for this legislation not to pass, but if it does pass in its current form, it would be a ticking time bomb for the (Thoroughbred) industry.

Then my ADVICE is to not let it be a ticking time bomb. And contact whom ever needs to be contacted, take the reins by the hands and HAVE THIS PETITION RESCINDED

And Dan Adkins is lucky I’m not on the HBPA. I wouldn’t of been playing with this child for this long. Time for somebody to cap this grandstanding once and for good. You would see who’s the fool when I got done with you. You have been allowed to play the game you’ve wanted thus far. That’s the HBPA fault.

Now I want to see if there is any response by Pinnacle’s owner Jerry Campbell. If and when it is done I will update this once again.


And this details Hazel Parks owners & their pet boy games even further.




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    Michigan Legislators: Nothing Has Changed. This is the same damn story and the same damn dance. Dan Adkins and who he represents are trying their best to kill LIVE Horse Racing in the State. Read Original Blog from almost two years ago. No wool over the Horsemen’s Eyes. We see all to clear ans you should as well.

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