Pat Robertson says Haiti paying for ‘pact to the devil’




God help us all from this twisted man.

True Christians from ALL denominations should denounce his words. Then REMOVE him from our airwaves. Talk about defining a mentally deranged mind.

I mean I did post my own thoughts about what happened in Haiti and our rush to send USA money and medical aid to them on Yahoo. I mean I’ve said the same thing in aiding other countries as well.

First, I am sorry for all this devastation and death there. But when we ourselves have over 60,000,000 individuals here in the USA without health insurance. And MOST have worked all their lives. I do not feel that even with the magnitude of this tragedy the USA should be sending all our money and medical personal. Doctors are willing to help out in these self made poor nations, then see somebody in their offices here that doesn’t have insurance. I find this not noble but sickening.

There are 9,000,000 people in this country the size of Maryland. They have been starving and diseased for decades and decades, yet continue to have unprotected sex and have more and more babies. Even though they can’t feed the 10 they already have. How can you help those who refuse to help themselves?

And I meant this in terms of what is wrong with the over all situation with the over population scenario there, not within the tragedy of the earthquake itself.

But for someone who calls themselves a Pastor who preaches Christianity to say what happened to them is because of a pact with the devil??? We are indeed in very sad times.

People who act, think and speak like Pat Robertson are enemies of the Christian Faith. His kind of Demented ramblings are what causes some people to turn from Jesus and hate Christians. If more Evangelical Christians would come out against his insanity and the words that come from it. Maybe he would STFU for Good.

He stated what happened in Haiti, maybe a Blessing in disguise? Well I say it would be a Blessing in disguise for him to be stricken with a stroke disabling him from SPEAKING.

Where in the hell does he get this stuff?

Never have I ever read or heard that Haiti made some pact with the devil. Guess I must have been absent that particular day in school in HISTORY class.

Straight Jacket Again Please!

And poor Robert Johnson was a Blues master. Oh Yeah, he stood at the crossroads and made the same pact to play that guitar!

Why Sure he did.


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  1. Carla Ruth

    My comment above is regarding Pat Robertson, not the other stuff. I don’t have a problem with people sending money to Haiti.

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