Race/Fight to the Finish?

Two Jockeys at Philadelphia Park on Friday January 8, 2010 got into a fist fight.

Now having worked at the Detroit Race Course for 23 years, that’s not exactly breaking news. Many Jock’s over the years have fought after a race in the Jock’s room over many of things. Mostly over somebody they thought interfered with their ride.

So what’s the big deal?

Never have the fights broke out DURING THE RACE! This one was during the 5th race at Philly Friday.

Eriluis Vaz’s horse was disqualified after Vaz punched jockey Ademar Santos. Both started throwing punches at each other on the back stretch of the race. Then Vaz used the Whip on Santos. Bet the horse was happy though. Hey, better the guy riding on the next horse than ME?

To me this is completely inexcusable, because they could of caused not only horses to get killed but also their fellow Jock’s. Bad enough when there’s an accident involving a horse taking a bad step or completely breaking down resulting in them having being put down. But because of two Jockey’s acting like a couple of complete classless jack asses is another thing altogether.

Eriluis Vaz did issue a public apology over this total stupidity, as well to the TVG network. But he better save those words up for January 21, when he and Santos go before the Stewards.

Of course neither horse hit the board, I’m just glad they survived the race. I’m sure if some knew, they both could of been weighed in BEFORE THE RACE to make sure they both qualified for the right division.

I just keep wondering what these horses were thinking??? Both should of threw their mounts.

After the Stewards get through with them, maybe both can share a bottle of this. I mean only befitting for their behavior.

Next time take it where it belongs boys. The track is for racing.


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2 responses to “Race/Fight to the Finish?

  1. mibredclaimer

    Jockeys fighting on top of the horses is hardly anything new. In fact, one of the greatest pieces of equine photography is Wallace Lowry’s “Fighting Finish” at the 1933 Kentucky Derby where two riders were literally battling for position at the wire.

    Here is a link to the picture:

    Here is a good story by Sports Illustrated about the race:

  2. Longshot

    This have being my career, I’m fully aware that this wasn’t the first incident of it’s kind, after all horse racing goes back to the 1800s. But it certainly isn’t the norm. It takes two asses to go at it aboard their mounts, where a total mishap is awaiting to happen. It is stupidity at it’s worst. If these Jock’s wanted to kill each other, fine by me. But during a race where it could cause fatalities of the horses and other riders is inexcusable. I hope the stewards throw the book at both.

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