Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

HB 4311 was signed into law as Public Act 140 Friday afternoon Nov. 6, 2009 by Governor Granholm. By this Bill both passing in the House as well as the Senate makes Any ORC layoffs VOID.

There are some kinks to be worked out with the ORC but once they are completed, a legislative transfer will be done to correct the figures.

And a Thank You to HBPA VP Mary Mazur for keeping me up to date.

And Pinnacle Race Course Dates for 2010 have been Approved!


2010 RACE DATES ISSUED: Commissioner Lockwood approved the following dates for Pinnacle Race Course’s 2010 season at 84 days.

June 4 – June 27 Friday, Saturday and Sunday

June 29- October 31 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday


So the sound of Horses Hoofs will still be heard like Tom-Toms on Michigan Tracks, in sync with our hearts still beating throughout our Mi. Horse Racing Industry. And it is called LIFE. Now let us continue down this road without us always having to be on our last breath. Act Now on implementing Gaming. Because Horses and Slots will get us all, both Michigan and Race Tracks off the critical list for good.

There is more money to be made, much much more. So let us not stop here. Keep The Michigan Engine Running with as much HORSE POWER as it can get.

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