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And I think it is fabulous. Hialeah in my opinion is one the the most Beautiful tracks in the country. When it closed, there just seemed a giant hole was left without it’s presence. And November 28 is the day that Quarter Horse Racing will start a meet there. It will run through February 2, 2010.


Hialeah Park, which was built in the 1920s and had its last live race in 2001.



Fresh from signing the Legislature’s wide-ranging gambling expansion bill, Gov. Charlie Crist on Monday paid a visit to one of that bill’s biggest beneficiaries — historic Hialeah Park.

Under the bill signed by Crist Monday, Hialeah Park — which hasn’t hosted a horse race since 2001 — will be allowed to offer live races again, while also opening a poker room.

After two years of racing, Hialeah can install lucrative Las Vegas-style slot machines — a remarkable turnaround for a National Historic Landmark that until recently was at serious risk of being torn down, despite its majestic beauty.

”This is about renovating a historic park that means so much to the fabric of this community,” Crist said Monday. Even in its tattered, worn-out condition, Crist was impressed by the storied horse track. ”It is awe-inspiring,” the governor said. “It is magnificent. Its architecture is incredible.”

Said track vice president John Brunetti Jr.: “The goal is to restore Hialeah to the grandeur that it once was.”

Michigan’s Governor could take some lessons in how to preserve something worthy of saving.

For the people near Hialeah, I’m Happy For you. I wish great success to that Grand Old Track.

And one day hopefully the Thoroughbreds will also Return there.



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