And all must be SHUT DOWN on November 5, 2009. Both Live & Simulcasting.

But at the same time. The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians may get FEDERALLY FUNDED FOR ROADWORK near a new Casino they plan to put up at the Old Great Lakes Downs site.

This is from an Article posted in January 2009.

Local governments are working with the Little River Band to tap a $450 million federal fund to improve roads over the next several years. That money is shared among Indian groups nationwide for infrastructure upgrades.

Norton Shores officials have identified several projects that could qualify for federal assistance through the Indian Reservation Roads Program.

The money comes from the federal gas tax.

Well I guess the Indians get breaks all the way around. But how much of that actual Casino Money goes to Mi.?
How much Revenue does Mi. really get?

Michigan Gaming Control Board
2% Payments to Local Governments.


Michigan’s slice of gambling revenue through tribal compacts peaked at more than $40 million in the late 1990s. But the revenues were cut by more than half after the state allowed casinos to open in Detroit, which some tribes considered a violation of their compacts with state government.

The Club Keno dispute cost the state more money from tribal casinos. Revenue sharing payments dropped to less than $3million
per year in recent years.

But Our Great Governor is doing her own Indian War Dance on the Horse Racing Industry Heads. Indians screw Mi. and then in return the Governor Screws Horse Racing.


Hell if you can’t beat them, JOIN THEM.
Right Jennifer?

Indian Casino’s get money from Everywhere to Fund there Casino’s.

Race Tracks are only asking that Officials from the dissolved ORC are continued to allow to exist. So Racing & much needed Revenue to Mi. from Simulcasting can continue. And just 5 mere Horse tracks generate about $400 Million in Revenue to this State yearly.

In a 1995 report conducted by Public Sector Consultants, Inc. concluded that the horse racing industry in Michigan contributes substantially to the state’s employment, income, and economic well-being. 3 Taking into account both direct and indirect economic impacts, it is estimated that horse racing in Michigan is a $1.2 billion industry responsible for more than 42,000 jobs, $233 million in personal income, and total economic output of $439 million each year. 4 Additionally, race tracks and race farm operations support capital facilities with an estimated value of $700 million

But we can’t get a break.

The Movie Industry just got a 42% tax break from Graholm to exist here. Which cost Mi. $120 Million in Revenue.
But Horse Racing got 0% Tax break, which brings in over $400 Million.


And now another Indian tribe wants to build a new Casino just 3 miles from Pinnacle Race Course.

Dissolve ORC and put us under the MGCB. Can anybody here spell or instead smell CONSPIRACY?

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