Unanimously Approved

Board approves ‘racino’ ballot petition.

The four-member Board of State Canvassers, a state elections panel, approved unanimously the wording for a constitutional amendment submitted by Racing to Save Michigan.

And now all the Casino’s hair has been raised.


So why the worry? Well I’ll tell you WHY.

Did people really know what they were signing in 2003 for Proposal 1?

The honest answer: NO THEY DID NOT.

Most of the people having signed those petitions in fact did not know what they were even signing. The reality is most thought it was to Further the gaming to the Tracks, not Prevent it.

So now having those who signed those petitions NOT KNOWING THEN what THEY KNOW NOW, and that bill passing in 2004. That those same people now after fully understanding that bill’s implications and what it was really all about, may in fact have a second chance to reverse it. That is in a nutshell the WORRY.


That’s why a Democracy is called a Democracy.

Grin and Bare it.

Only this time people will actually understand what the Bill is before they sign the Petition to put it back on the Ballot. And if the Detroit News Poll is any indication of what people in this state want. The Casino’s can fight until they turn blue. You felt by Proposal 1 passing in 2004, the sediment was THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKE.

So why be afraid of their voice AGAIN?

That Voice you praised then, will be the very same voices that will speak now. Only this time without CONFUSION.

In your fight against Racino’s, yours will be a lame one. And it will have been your own words that will come back to haunt you.


And your crying foul over it will make you out the fool.

BTW as of 3:15 Am Detroit News Poll Numbers.

Yay or hay?
Would you vote for a constitutional amendment allowing casinos at horse racing tracks?

Yes 67.68%
No 32.32%

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