$20k better spent

On Oct. 8, 2009 Governor Granholm dissolved The Office of Racing Commissioner, and put us under the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Horse racing was always under Agriculture. It was mentioned in several Detroit newspaper articles that state’s House Appropriations Committee wanted to vote on conducting a study if other forms of gaming at all Mi. horse tracks would bring more money into the state. The price tag of this study? $20k.

Are they nuts?

Well I’ll save them the money and time. Contact all the states who have already implemented any and all forms of gaming at their Horse Tracks, request those State’s yearly revenue statements prior to giving their tracks further gaming, then the following years Statement. I think they will speak for themselves.

Can we have some simple and plain common sense here please!

We don’t have this time to waste, nor does Mi. have the extra money. In fact just look to W. Virginia. Mountaineer Park was the S**T track of the country. They were running $4,000 claiming races for purses under $3,200. Now look at the purses, those same $4,000 claimers are still the same class of horses but now they are running for $12,000 + purses. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know or explain that giving Mountaineer the slots, not only benefited the track but boosted that State’s revenue into millions upon millions of more money.

Horse tracks in every state were operating long before they built Las Vegas, so why should Mi. Casino’s have a patent on where the gaming is implemented. We don’t need their permission.

But they did spend millions of dollars to get a bill on the 2004 ballot Proposal 1 that states that all the voters in Mi. get a say so to where further gaming will be allowed. What a joke. Most of the people having signed those petitions in fact did not know what they were even signing. The reality is most thought it was to Further the gaming to the tracks, not prevent it.

So in an announcement yesterday, Dan Adkins was heading a new petition drive. Under the proposal, 30 percent of the profits generated by the eight new licenses would go to the state, county and local governments with a portion earmarked to education and local services.

The petition drive is a direct challenge to Proposal 1 of 2004, in which the three Detroit casinos and the Indian-run casinos funded an effort to create two huge hurdles for any expanded gaming in the state — positive wins at the ballot box in both local and statewide elections.

And today October 14, The petition will go before the State Board of Canvassers for review.

So people who signed the Casino’s petitions not really knowing what they were signing, will hopefully have a second chance to sign ours. The Indians have their tribes. Well in Essence so do we. It is called,


and we are a Mighty Force in our own right. Stay Tuned.

And for an UPDATE:
Petitions Approved



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3 responses to “$20k better spent

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  2. mibredclaimer

    Well, maybe it’ll cost $20k to get the other states to hand over the information on their revenues. Just look at all the trouble I’m going through to get figures from the ORC.

  3. Longshot



    And BTW, I don’t know why I had to approve comment. I went to my settings and comments are allowed without approval. I seem to have confusement at all levels of life going on at this moment.

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